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I am just a tad confused here today. I am going through the internet and reading all about what the experts are predicting for our economy. It appears as though the per centage of chance that we are going to experience a recession have decreased from 20% down to 10%. I understand this part but th...
Phoenix Arizona's multi family market is very strong amidst the residential home market slump. It is projected as has been the case for the past few years that the influx of new residents moving into the state will be in the range of 40,000. The vacancy rate is expected according to experts analy...
I am in need right now of a commercial lender in or around Phoenix Arizona. I need some answers for a client. I am just getting back into the selling of real estate after taking the last 2 years off. I have pretty much lost all my contacts from previous, so I am starting all over again. I am look...
There are many investors right now that are crouching and getting ready to pounce.. What we have right now is a dip in the investment market. These investors know that if they buy now they very well could be set for life and not have to work again. Imagine that. Just like that the market can make...
Channel 12 news is going to do a segment on Real Estate Rentals in the valley for the Superbowl. My broker Marcie Teague was just interviewed for this segment. Anyone that sees this please feel free to send me your opinion of the segment. It is good to finally see the media trying to do a positiv...
Well I am still fuming over the radio station "producer"? that was on this site yesterday. He in my opinion was very obnoxious, arrogant and condensating in his posts. He came on here asking agents to justify our 6% commission. Many people posted to his blog and unfortunately I was one of them. T...
It really jus astounds me how the media ONLY focuses on the NEGATIVE.... Is the media not aware that now is the time for Buyers to Buy. There are absolutely amazing deals to be had right now. Interest rates are still low. People with credit CAN get loans. I just wish the media would tell the whol...
I am looking for anyone who has some creative ways that they do not mind sharing for advertising during the super bowl........ That would be for residential and commercial..
As I am sitting here with my coffee this morning I am just wondering how many real estate agents are out there that are no longer real estate agents due to the fact they were unable to pay there dues this year??? I believe we are going to experience a thinning of the multitude of agents due to th...
It is just my opinion here and I am curious if anyone agrees..... I tend to believe this recession we are supposed to be in is completely media driven. I believe the media is what has caused this through their reporting and instilling fear in the American people which is causing them to not spend...

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