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In light of Bahamas’ 40th Independence Day, Mario Carey Realty wants to take the next 8 days to celebrate our local Artists. In a staff meeting, the topic of art came up. Some questions were thrown out there—“Why do Bahamians buy so much foreign art?” “There is so much talent here in our own cou...
  With more than 30 years of experience in the luxury real estate market, Mario Carey Realty is excited to provide high-end vacation rentals in Nassau and the Islands of the Bahamas. Luckily, nature has provided fascinating hideaway islands for the world to escape. The Bahamas is not only ideal ...
Across television screens and billboards worldwide, The Bahamas is portrayed as an idyllic sanctuary for those who seek to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, offering days filled with sand, sea and sunshine, with a bit of night life and good food thrown in for good measure.  A...
              This year was Long Island’s 46th Annual Regatta, and Mario Carey Realty was a proud sponsor. The company sponsored Rupert’s Legend, one of the oldest A class boats in the race today. This sailboat holds much sentimental value in Mario Carey’s heart due to the fact that Rupert Knowle...
  Hurricane season in The Bahamas is here again (June 1st – November 30th), and we here at Mario Carey Realy want to make sure that everyone is prepared for it. With 21 anticipated named storms, 4 of which are anticipated to be a threat,...
On Thursday, June 13th Nassau Florist officially opened at their new and improved location—The Villa Flora on Dowdeswell Street. Mario Carey Realty aided Jim Whitehead in discovering this beautiful, spacious location. We arranged the lease for Villa Flora, and the old building is also exclusivel...
         The story is told that Walt Disney was sitting on a bench at Disney World staring into space. A worker of his asked, “Mr. Disney what are you doing?” He answered, “I am looking at the mountain right there.” Walt told his architects about this experience, and they drew the plan for Space ...
NUA, an insurance company in Nassau, Bahamas, is hosting an expo on Saturday, June 15th, 2013, for businesses to market their BEST deals. Mario Carey Realty will represented by Antoine Adderley, Sheldon Pitt, Lamond Davis and Andrew Seymour. If you want to check out the amazing deals that we at M...
The Islands of the Bahamas contain some of the most beautiful beaches, waters, and marine life in the world. Beaches consist of fine, white or pink sands. Our shallow waters are clear to the point of disbelief. As for marine life, the Bahamas is a fisherman’s dream vacation spot. In the internati...
Mario Carey Realty thinks it’s really important to get involved with one’s community and give back. Therefore, to show our charitable support, we donated to Hands For Hunger. Each member of our team made a small donation and are happy to have worked with Hands For Hunger.


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