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Last month, Money Magazine published an article on the Top 100 towns in America.   To come up with their ranking, it's obvious to me that the researchers ploughed through the Census Data, crunch some numbers, and then come up with a ranking that might-or might not mean what they intended. Don't g...
Fairfax County Schools have a good reputation - but how true is it? Fairfax County Schools is considered one of the largest and best school districts in the US and in Virginia. Let's see how it stacks up against its neighbors. School Districts in the Washington, D.C. area Some of Fairfax County ...
Last year, my friend Chelsea moved to a lovely home that was assigned to her favorite Fairfax County schools.  This summer, she called me frantically asking about what to do because she had been notified that the High School boundary was in a study to be re-organized and she wasn't sure about the...
If you were a boxing pro, would you go into a fight without a coach?  Would you feel comfortable listening to advice from the other guy's coach?   Or would you rather have your own coach helping you avoid the punches? Getting advice from the other guy's coach is what many buyers do when they get ...
A few months ago, Alison and James were moving her family from Japan (Tokyo) to the Washington, DC area.   They chose schools in the Fairfax County Public School district for their kids, and even narrowed down their search to a couple of neighborhoods that belonged inside their desired school bou...
The first two reasons to love Reston, VA could very well be the two elementary schools named after two of the most famous astronauts in the world:  Neil Armstrong (Armstrong Elementary School) and Buzz Aldrin (Aldrin Elementary School).  But let's leave those aside for a moment.   Aside from the...
People moving in and out of the Washington D.C. area remind me of a revolving door. Government, military, and private-sector personnel from all around America (and the world) are constantly on the move due to new and exciting jobs. With military and government personnel plus a fair bit of private...
Fairfax County Schools are divided into 24 pyramids for administrative purposes.  The tip of the pyramid is the High School and the middle and base of the pyramid is comprised of a middle school and several feeder elementary schools.   For the most part, each Fairfax County Schools pyramid has on...
  The Mayans, just like the Egyptians, were ancient civilizations who built impressive structures made of rock called "Pyramids". Unfortunately, we don't get to enjoy those amazing feats of architecture here, in Fairfax, Virginia.  But we do have school pyramids.   What Are School Pyramids? Most ...

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