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Home and houses, time and money, family, friends and loved ones; bettering your spaces, and the community at large. Ideas and solutions to help you make good plans, and wise decisions so you can get on with-ENJOYING-your life.
The pendulum has swung mightily in the last 10 days re: Ray Rice and the issue of domestic violence in the NFL. It's not news-OR any more wrong than it's ever been, but now that the proverbial finger is being pointed at Roger Godall I think we need to look at the other  fingers that are pointing ...
Compiling my YTD business numbers, surprised and gladdened to realize I had a new category of properties to track-FSBOS! FSBOs-For Sale By Owner-are properties sold without the representation of an agent or brokerage. There may be a few reasons a seller chooses to go this route, but not paying sa...
Prosepctive buyers always talk about looking for a house, but could they be talking about your listing, literally? Problems with actually finding a listed property happens a lot more often than you might think, in both rural and urban settings. Many communities and HOAs do not allow broker signs,...
The best summer events include fun, novelty and tradition, with at least a smattering of redeeming value in there somewhere. If the Ice-Bucket Challenge thing is starting to wear thin (just send in the money!!) adding to yesterday's list, more worthwhile things to do here in Westchester County-wh...
Other than participating in the white-hot (HA!) and very worthwhile Ice Bucket Challenge, it seems many of us in Westchester County are grasping for some worthwhile things to do as summer '14 winds down. Each of us has things we keep meaning to do, but we get busy and forget. If you have some tim...
The future economy will not be based on making things (we ALL already have waaaay too much stuff)...nor will it be solely on 'smart' people, or on information. No, value in the future economy will be based on people who can connect these dots for others. So is the message from Seth Godin's most ...
"Who's responsible for the listing photos?" Usually asked regarding the cost, scheduling or physical taking of photos, but rarely asked, and IMO insufficiently addressed regarding quality. Each of us is responsible for our own success. It's always dandy if you can turn it over to the pros, but th...
A good economic indicator>Decorating FAQs are popping up all over! Today's question centers on a popular buzzword, "Redesign". Written or spoken, we communicate with words. The best word choices convey nuance and details, they also attract and engage listeners when they are different, or unexpect...
We romanticize mavericks, and secretly relish the image of rebels or non-conformist, but home at night in our bunny slippers, deep down- we crave order, yearn for accomplishments, and welcome new beginnings. YUP, it's what we really, really want. This week we saw the first day of the month, a new...
Rooted in the word 'love', Wikipedia defines amateur as someone who loves doing something, but does it casually, is unpaid/under-paid, new and inexperienced, and/or often self-taught. TRH heartily supports homeowners doing things on their own...when they know what they're doing. Three things amat...

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