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Maintaining a cost of living increase that is in keeping with the surrounding area, marketplace, and competing properties is of utmost importance to keeping a commercial property occupied.  Some of you may have read a previous post comparing 2007 - 2008 dramatic cost increases in the Upper Valley...
The Upper Valley has so much to offer because it embraces two states, one large river, and an abundance of great food, culture, adventure, history, and the beauty of our region.  The following are some of my family's favorites outings:   ARTS & CULTURE: Montshire Museum of Science, Norwich, VT - ...
Sometimes it's hard to see the forest through the trees.  I find that's what happened to me with this article as I was eager to publish something that would highlight some of the favorite tools that I am using with my little one to help me accomplish more & stress less while working from home or ...
FIRST THING'S FIRST: For those of you that are unfamiliar with the acronym "NNN" it refers to the term Triple Net which is a Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charge for commercial properties.  This is an additional cost to Base Rent and includes pro-rata shares for expenses of the property such as r...
December, 2008 Edition   Since there is enough stress and sleepless nights due to the holidays sans children, this year being my first as a Mother, I knew I was in for a real learning experience.  All new experiences require a learning curve of course, and through this blog, The Life & Times of t...
So, the market is slow, there is a lot of competition for every bit of new business out there - how do you keep ahead of the pack then?  Here's a few tips that you can put to work for you to get in touch with Generation Y. Techno-basics: Texting: Texting is great, picting is better.  In real esta...
VOLUME ONE - Upper Valley Region - Commercial Market - 4th Quarter, 2008 It's that time of year where we tend to look backward rather than forward.  I intend to use this forum to keep others appraised of the commercial leasing activities in the New Hampshire side of the Upper Valley (defined as L...
My (first) child is now three months old and I am a working Mom.  I bring my son to work with me and occassionally work from home.  In addition, my office is a shared building in that there are two other businesses and a shared office manager in the same building.  That being said, crying-it-out ...
Iskandar's newest project unveiled Commercial Development Continues Despite Housing Slowdown   Lebanon, NH, June 20, 2008 - Amy Iskandar Margolis, Vice President and COO of Lebanon Property Management, Inc (LPM) proudly announces on behalf of Alex Iskandar, their newest development project, curre...

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