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I can't wait until this election is over! Of course it's an important election for both sides, but it seems the politicos have sunken to a new low. Accusations flying. .. Calling each other names. Accusing each other of infidelity. Another Salem witchcraft trial. Where does it all end? Somehow, I...
What a wonderful moment it was when the 33rd miner was finally free! One couldn't help but get teary eyed watching the emotional family reunions. Imagine 69 days underground, with the first 17 not knowing if anyone knew they were still alive. Tonight we all are proud of those 33 men and the way t...
Have you ever experienced a bout of laryngitis? For a Realtor, this is a huge disadvantage! I feel as though I'm screaming into the phone, but very little sound comes out. I have no other symptoms and don't feel sick. I'm not a smoker. Talking with customers is a real challenge... I've tried to d...
I have a house to clean. laundry to do, a dog to bathe, comps to do, etc., etc., etc., but nothing got done tonight! I spent the evening instead with the most charming young man I've ever met... my 3-year old grandson. Rather than cleaning the condo, we messed it up even more. Little cars everywh...
Today, I read in our local paper about two Ohio realtors killed in two separate incidents and another robbed, all within a one week period! It went on to say frightened realtors are cancelling open houses and are avoiding meeting unknown customers alone. Apparently, two brothers were arrested in ...
My sister-in-law, Bernadette, is a Realtor in south Florida. A few years ago when I got my real estate license, Bernadette suggested that I join the St. Augustine office of EXIT Realty. Having no idea what I planned to do, I did just that, with my sister-in-law as my sponsor. I'd call her with qu...
I just returned from a week back home for a dental appointment and my husband's high school reunion. It was so nice to get back and take a break from the frenetic pace of the last two months here in St. Augustine. I chose not to wake up at six to check my e-mails, online leads, and the MLS. It wa...
I moved to Florida for heat, and this summer I've gotten my wish! We are headed for a record for the number of consecutive days above 90 degrees. Each day I when I wake up, I'm grateful for that huge blue ocean at the end of my road, and the ocean breeze it provides. At night I smell the fresh sa...
If you're looking for a lovely 3/2 in St. Augustine, I may have just what you're looking for... situated on a triple lot in St. Augustine South, this property has plenty of room for your boat or RV. Great kitchen, huge master, and covered patio are just a few of the features thisĀ spacious home o...
Flag Day is June 14th. Although any time is the perfect time to fly the flag, Flag Day presentsĀ a great opportunity. If you don't own a flag, May-June-July is the time to buy one... Memorial Day, Flag Day and the 4th of July arrive in quick succession, and it's easy to find flags for sale. Nothin...

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