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Informing you on the Real Estate Market in Spring Texas and the surrounding areas and other interesting tid bits!
In this "Spring TX first time home buyer series" I hope to alleviate some of the first time home buying mystery. I have noticed when people start thinking about buying a home the first thing they will do in this technological age is to start looking at homes online.  If that is what you are doing...
Growing up in Kansas my first sign of Spring was when I would see the daffodils peeking through the winter foliage (often through a little snow). I love living in Spring TX but have missed seeing those daffodils.  In Spring our winters are too mild for daffodil bulbs unless you want to plant them...
It is that time of year again when Crape Murder happens. There's NO REASON to trim the crape myrtle trees back to the knuckle. We quit pruning ours years ago and our trees are prettier than all the crape myrtles that have been pruned. I made this video a couple of years ago. At this time of year ...
  This has been around for a few years but this was the first time that I have seen it. It is quite touching! Jesus Christ is the reason for the season!  Merry Christmas! For all your Spring/Tomball/Magnolia/The Woodlands needs, contact me today! Marchel Peterson Results Realty Cell: 832-721-8332  
One month ago I made what for me was a giant leap and bought a Macbook Pro and an iPad. I am loving it but glad I bought the "One to One" as it is quite a bit different than a PC. Our daughter has been working at the Apple store in Grand Central Station since they opened last fall and has been bu...
The Houston SPCA has offered some tips to keep your dog or cat cool and healthy during the hot summer.  I am going to recap some of their main points. HOT CARS/HEATSTROKE: Do not leave your pet unattended in a car for ANY period of time. The temperature inside a car with the window cracked can re...
After last year's drought I hate to complain about rain but ENOUGH ALREADY!  Two days in a row this last week I drove my car through deep water.  I don't know when I have been that scared.  The Lord was good to me and I made it through but it was quite scary.  I drive a Nissan Ultima which is fai...
I love Farmer's markets and would often visit the one that happens in Union Square when I was visiting our daughter in NYC.  I would try different farmer's markets that I heard about in our area only to be disappointed.  That is until I went to the Farmer's Market that is held in The Woodlands in...
We had a family of Wren's make their nest in the wall of our outdoor kitchen! Wow did we watch Mom and Pop work! I expect there are not a lot of bugs left in our back yard! I was quite excited to see several spiders go there way. After having plastic surgery from a brown recluse bite I think the...
Creekside Park - Wilde Creek is appropriately named with a creek meandering through the subdivision.  If you are looking for a home that backs to water this maybe the place for you. Homes are priced between $238,000 to 500,000.  Builders that built in Wilde Creek included Chesmar, Village, Lenna...

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Informing you on the Real Estate Market in Spring Texas and the surrounding areas and other interesting tid bits!

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