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Although Real Estate varies from location to location. There are factors nationally as well as locally that affect real estate. Some localities may experience at different times and others at the same time. I hope to provide a forum where we can discuss our different experiences.
If you happen to be looking for something to do this weekend of May 14 through May 16, 2010 check out St. Robert Bellarmine's Family Festival at 154 N. Fifth St, Burbank, CA. They will be hosting their annual festival with lots of games and food. So if you're in the area come by and support one o...
We as Realtors have to disclose that all tax advice must be sought from a tax professional. I will form an opinion from what I have read and found out but in the end my advice is to consult with a tax professional. I ran across Lenn Harley's blog while on hold for close to an hour with the IRS tr...
Going hungry is a terrible thing. There's a program for senior brought to you by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Seniors 60 years and older are invited to participate in the Commodity Supplemental Food Program. They can receive a free food kit once a month. This kit is prepared w/ specific nu...
We are in a recession, wait I think they are saying we are out. Doesn't really matter on an individual basis because you can choose to participate in a recession or adapt and go about living your life. I choose to adapt. I don't have the luxury of going to a car wash and waiting for my car to be ...
Yes you heard it right. If I'm not allowed to disagree w/ CAR and NAR somebody please warn me. The following is going to explain my position but I'm not going to break out any charts here. I believe in a free market and competition. Those two things create jobs, keep prices down, and create oppor...
Once again another scam seems to have come out of this housing crisis which seems to be in recovery mode. Recently Senate Bill 94 was introduced to keep any and all companies doing loan modifications from charging an advance fee. My understanding of the bill is that companies can not charge up fr...
You were convinced to get off the fence and start searching to buy a home. Maybe it was even me who convinced you using the low interest rates, depreciated values, the first time homebuyer tax credit, or any combination of all three. The only problem is that thousands of other buyers were also co...
As we get ready for back to school and other activities we get a little overwhelmed. Please remember our primary focus is the safety of our kids. Please talk to your children about good touch and bad touch. Let them know that it is okay for them to talk about anything that makes them uncomfortabl...
The loan modification business must be the only booming industry right now. Unfortunately it's out of control. I believe in the concept of banks working with borrowers to help them stay in their home but these hard times have opened the floodgates to many vultures. These people are generally the ...


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