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Tip's, Advise, and home related information from a professional full time Home Inspector.
This is a recient find in a crawlspace. Luckly I entered from the opposite end and didnt have to swim out.         If you think this looks like a dug well. It sure is!! Next time you are in a crawlspace please be careful where you go.
Is your house releasing all of it's "Hot air"?     One of the most common conditions found in a home inspection is a bathroom vent not venting to the outside. When it's first discovered repair time and costs can generally be considered very minor, nothing more than some time and duct tape. If not...
Detecting and Addressing Radon Contamination in the Home Many homeowners are increasingly concerned about the possible presence of radon in their homes – and with good reason. You can’t see, smell, or taste radon, but it is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths among nonsmokers in North America...
HELPFUL HINTS: These easy, affordable touches will cozy up your home for the cooler days and longer nights ahead. Whisk away whisper light sheers, and rehang your heavier drapes and curtains for a snug, warm feeling. Sprinkle in low- or no-cost accents, like a wooden bowl filled with juicy pears...
Whether you are making an addition to your home or remodeling your bathroom cabinets, eco-friendly choices can help you conserve resources and reduce your impact on the environment. As the demand for green building materials grows, major manufactures are expanding their affordable sustainable opt...
Stone Foundations Stone foundations were standard fare before World War I. Stone foundations will only stay dry if the soil surrounding the foundation is dry-- hence it is unreasonable to expect them to be 100% dry. This being said, stone foundations are very vulnerable to leakage problems. If th...
Knowing what to expect from a basement is half the battle. So what is the difference between a wet basement and a typical basement? The answer lies in understanding that no basement is 100% dry. Historically the basement was not expected to be a living or dry storage area. Today however, many peo...
Sizing up Your Structure: You’ve been in your new home now for all four of the seasons; you may have learned about a leak in the basement during the winter or a sticky window during the spring, but what other issues might you have missed? New homes are often plagued with structural defects and fl...
Is your garage so cluttered that only a toy car will fit inside? If you are wondering where all that stuff is going to go, maybe it’s time to spend part of the weekend creating some order in all that chaos. Get your parking space back with these easy tips! 1.Give junk a heave-ho! “Before anything...
Summer is a great time work on projects around the home that reduce your environmental impact. Even if you are not making big changes such as replacing old leaky windows or installing ceiling fans, there are still small things that can be done around the house to minimize energy consumption and r...

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