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It's a buyer's market... now is the time to buy your investment properties!
The economy is not getting any better...yet.  As Self Employed Professionals, we must continue to reinvent ourselves so that we can continue to prosper.  Multiple streams of income are essential... there are no sure things in this economy.  Savings on every level are critical.  We are seeking out...
I have a client with a beautiful, updated home in a declining neighborhood.  The homes that are selling in the subdivision are selling dirt cheap...many are not updated, often have larger square footage, and may be on the brink of foreclosure.  Many other homes in the neighborhood are foreclosure...
Lately I have seen several "House for Auction" signs posted in various neighborhoods in the Dallas area.  My curiosity led me to one home and though I just missed the auction, I wonder if this is actually working... I was told that the concept works like this... a seller has a realtor list the ho...
Is there any truth to the rumor that the FHA has raised it's loan limits to $274,000 as of this week????
I've been getting tons of calls from first time homebuyers anxious to purchase...especially since there is so much inventory available at such great prices!  Where else can you buy a 3000 sq ft house for $120,000???  I'm also getting a lot of calls from agents looking for lease-purchase and owner...
WOW... what a statistic!  I was reading this on CNN today... that's truly scary!  I believe the banks are really bending over backwards now to prevent more foreclosures.  I helped a client just last week make arrangements to save his home.  His lender was willing to accept a settlement payment on...
Even though our market is suffering, we can still use what we have to our advantage... I have been getting numerous calls from investors and buyers who want to take advantage of all of the inventory currently on the market.  They are excited about great deals on property and low interest rates!  ...
I am a self-taught user of Punch 3000... i imagine that this is a novice program for people like myself who are not architects or engineers...needless to say I don't know all of the correct ways to do what I need to do... so what i'm looking for is someone who can "tweak" what I've done to make m...
I have been in residential for a while now... curious about doing commercial real estate.  Any advice????
We like a challenge... we have been successful in putting buyers and sellers together and creating a transaction that works for all parties... it's what we do best.  Looking for buyers who may require a little help...and sellers who just can't seem to sell.  We can be very creative in our approac...

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