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You have heard it all - now is the time to buy, rates are low, the cost of waiting, etc. The biggest reason I agree with buying now versus later is simply because you are ready to buy a home!Over the next five years a renter paying $2,000 per month will have paid $120,000 towards housing assuming...
The Thomas' were told they could not be approved for their VA Home Loan due to a past short sale on credit.They  had shopped relentlessly for two months for their dream home.  Then bingo, one Saturday afternoon, they found the perfect home for their scenerio.  They wrote an offer,  the offer was ...
I am sure when you think of Million Dollar Homes a veteran home loan does not come to mind...It certaintly didn't for a couple looking to secure a property in Fairfax, Virgina where million dollar homes are common. Their credit union didn't think of a va home loan as a feasible option either.Luck...
Lorena found me on the web at my site www.queenofmortgages.com (feel free to check it out). She was looking for a woodbridge mortgage lender to help her and her fiance buy her their first home using first time buyer programs. We spoke a few times by phone and met in person to discuss our simple f...
This weekend I posted on Facebook about “free” money for a down payment and closing costs when buying a home in Virginia. One person was not to pleased with my use of the word FREE. Here is a screenshot of his comment: I was not surprised about how he felt. Personally I don't believe in "freebies...
So by now you have heard about the drop in annual mortgage insurance premiums for FHA loans from 1.35% monthly to .85%monthly premium when using the three and half percent minimum down payment for FHA loans . First let's get this out the way, in my opinion, homeowners with current FHA loans may b...
So you are ready to buy a home but have some challenges with your credit score? There is a quick way to raise your credit scores without paying off collections and charged off accounts. Now your woodbridge mortgage lender more than likely will require negative accounts be settled or removed but t...
In the Woodbridge, Virginia area renting is more expensive than buying a home but many people are still renting and here is why....no money for a down payment. In the video below, we share three ways you can buy a home with no money down in Woodbridge, Virginia. Excellent credit is not needed but...
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were referred to me by a local Woodbridge Agent, after they had been told by their credit union and a national bank that they needed to use a FHA Loan or Conventional loan with a twenty percent down payment to buy a home, although Mr. Johnson is active duty military. Mr. John...
FHA Back to Work was announced last month to help you buy a home again, if you had a foreclosure or bankruptcy over a year ago. The current wait times are three years from the date of foreclosure and bankruptcy to be eligible for a new FHA home loan unless you have an extenuating circumstance. “F...

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