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Wow.  I haven't posted in forever, not that I'm a prolific blogger to start with.  But let's recap, shall we? When last I wrote summer was ending.  Since then New Orleans experienced it's first post-K full scale evacuation courtesy Gustav.  We chose to hunker down.  Weeks after that, realty pause...
IN HONOR OF THIS WEEK, A RECOUNTING OF EVACUATING NEW ORLEANS 3 YEARS AGO: "HOW I GOT THE GAS TO GET TO TEXAS" Once New Orleans flooded, and it was apparent returning was not an option I took out my atlas and eyed my quarter tank of gas. We had ridden out the storm in Chattawa, MS at a convent; R...
As you may or may not know this past July Prez Bush signed into law an amazing opportunity for first time homebuyer's.  Learn more here. This is but one of many incentives out there, depending on the community you live as well as other criteria that define each buyer.  Are they a teacher?  A Vete...
I have seen the future.  And it is laced with cold Abita, mint juleps and sazeracs as one stumbles down a reborn Freret corridor.  Okay, maybe not so stereotypical on the regional alternative beverages, but you get the idea. This year will witness a third Freret bar open its doors, this one locat...
Despite our awesome heat, ever present humidity, and daily afternoon teeny rainstorms, it is otherwise the end of summer.  Lazy, lazy summer.  Sad, really.  So my kids will be back on a schedule and re-start their academic ascension.  Rentals and sales will receive more routine attention.  And tr...


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Real Estate and Local News and Views in New Orleans Today