Where is Payson, AZ, and why should I buy a house there?

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An old joke goes:How do you know if a politician is lying?Is his/her mouth moving? Yeah, I'm partisan. But I don't like ANY candidate spinning, stretching, telling half- truths, or out-right lying. FactCheck.org is my new favorite web site. They do what I would do if I had the time. They check ou...
If you come to visit in Payson or Pine, consider a side trip to the old school house in Strawberry. This is a restored, one room school house which is open to tour on weekends through mid October. The school was built in 1884 to service families in the area. Strawberry is a small town about 20 mi...
This is a very nice home in a very nice neighborhood. Golden Frontier subdivision is an area of site-built homes, many built in the 1980s, and now often updated, as this home has been.
Pine is an attractive, small town about 15 miles North of Payson, on Hwy. 87. Pine is home to many antique shops, craft shops, and art galleries. On Holiday weekends in the Summer the Pine-Strawberry Arts & Crafts Guild features a craft show on the grounds of the old school house, with many and v...
I'm posting this in hopes someone has a sure-fire way to get rid of grasshoppers. In the last few days I've been all over the internet looking, and I've found some interesting articles, but not much help.You see, right now if I walk through my yard these little sobs grasshoppers pop up ahead of m...
The Northern Gila County Fair will be held this year on September 5th through 7th, with the fun starting at 9:00 in the morning.   The Fair had been a longtime event for the area, but after the retirement of Walt and Wilene Smith as the coordinators there was a two year hiatus. The Fair was reviv...
I posted last week about Payson Schools beginning the year EARLY. Payson public schools began last Wednesday. If you are a parent in (or may be moving to) the Payson area I'm sure the schools are of concern to you. Payson has a unified public School District, consisting of Julia Randall Elementar...
  This is the season (the Monsoon, officially) for clouds and storms in Northern, Arizona. In past years we have been in a serious drought, but this year we are actually ABOVE the 30 year average for precipitation. We talk to rental Owners in the Phoenix area, and they haven't gotten much rain t...
SCHOOL STARTS JULY 30th in PAYSON! When I was a kid Summer vacation meant June, July and August. even when I was a teacher (14 years worth) I started teaching somewhere around Labor Day. For the last few years Payson Schools have started VERY early. They make up for it by having breaks in between...
In today's real estate market many Owners are finding that they either can't sell, or might have to sell at a deep discount. Many are, therefore, turning to renting as a possible alternative to a bargain basement sale. (I'm talking here about non-occupied properties. We have many in our area- eit...

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