Where is Payson, AZ, and why should I buy a house there?

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This is in response to the Blog about Anything challenge. We were supposed to pick something under the sink. One thing under ALL my home's sinks is disinfecting wipes.   My husband and sons (now grown but still visiting a lot, especially at mealtimes) bring in a lot of germs. You know- germs? Tho...
One more week to buy great produce, tasty tamales, scrumptious canned goods, decadent baked goods, spicy seasonings, olive oils, doggy bones, goat cheese, hummus and pesto, (I ran out of adjectives) and anything else I've forgotten!   Only one more market day! Next Saturday, 8am till noon! Don't ...
We have some prospective tenants wanting to rent a house where the Owner does not want to allow pets. He had a tenant there who didn't take good care of a dog, didn't clean up the backyard, etc. When the prospective tenants brought in their rental applications they listed a service animal. OK, no...
Saw this on a bumper sticker today, and it's too good NOT to pass along: "When the Power of Love exceeds the  Love of Power  the World will have peace." Kind of sums it up, don't you think?
Payson, AZ is a small town. Last census showed just under 16,000 (not sure what the current one will show). Now there are some drawbacks to a very small town. Where do we shop besides WalMart? Not too many places. BUT...(and it's a HUGE but) there is NOTHING like a small town Fourth of July celeb...
  Isn't that gorgeous? This is the finished bed, planted with veggies, herbs, and flowers. Around the back edge are tomatoes, and there is wire fastened to trellis them to when they get big enough. We also put a fence out front (split rail, with wire tacked on) to keep the javelinas out (kind of...
UPDATE: I just got word that Schnepf Farms from Queen Creek will be at the Market, with peaches, plums, applea,  and vine-ripe tomatoes! Come early if you want some- they may well sell out! Payson's Farmers Market is going strong. Come by tomorrow (Sawmill Crossing shopping Center- behind Chilis ...
We have had an unusually cool Spring in Payson. Well. actually we have alternated cool (even snow!) with really warm. The weather has slowed down my garden, and I imagine I'm not alone in  that. Hopefully SOME of the growers who will sell at the Farmers Market live in areas which haven't been as...
These all came from my garden on May Day. They may not look too impressive. But when you consider that we actually had a little SNOW on May Day, it becomes more so. Payson weather is always rather unpredictable. You know the saying-"if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes- it will change". B...
We got yet another copy of that bogus email today- the one where it says "you'll have to get a license to sell your house!" It has been making the rounds of the internet for over a year. It is talking about a bill which has been passed by the House of representatives (HR2454) and is now bogged do...

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