Where is Payson, AZ, and why should I buy a house there?

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You know the phrase "once in a  Blue Moon". It refers to something rare, because blue moons don't happen too often. When I was a kid I thought a "blue moon" meant one that really looked blue. But it was explained to me that the phrase is now used to mean either a fourth full moon in a season, or ...
Too cold for my cat, LC, to go out and actually CHASE the birds. She'd rather watch them through the window.
Yes, even in Arizona! We are only about an hour's drive from the edge of the Phoenix metro area, but at 5,000 ft elevation Payson gets a few snows a year. It snows, it looks lovely, and then it is GONE before it gets nasty. We have 4 mild seasons in Payson. Winter nights may be cold (teens and 20...
Update: It started snowing yesterday about 3pm, and we got several inches. Yes, it DOES snow in Arizona. The picture I have up for my profile was taken in my backyard last year. But we get most of our snow in the Spring. I've seen 2 foot of snow over Easter holiday several times in the 20 years w...
We get many calls and emails every week from Owners of homes in the Payson area. We find ourselves answering the same questions many times. Here are a few which I answered several times this week: Can you rent my furnished home? No. We don't handle furnished rentals. Why, you ask?1) It would invo...
Yes, it's Christmas time! It has suddenly gotten cold in Payson, and it feels more like Christmas. "Magic on the Mountain" is the phrase the town uses for Christmas celebrations- we are 5,000 ft elevation, so we are "up the mountain" from the Arizona deserts. Come join the fun! Today (Saturday, ...

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