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We are not men... We are Devo!
Sometimes I feel like I'm leading a double life.   There's the life I enjoy at the office, where I'm part of a team and I feel like I'm really building toward something.   And then there's my home life, where my wife is in a constant panic that we are going to lose the farm (even though we have n...
"My wife she still loves me-Even though I abuse her. I've been having an affair-With a random computer." From the KISS song 2000 man.   I live in a quiet place and in my small town there is a utopian community called Jubilee Partners.  They are an off-shoot of the people of Americus, GA who start...
My best friend is a software engineer out in San Fransisco  and his company just launched some fancy new technology for blogging,  here's the spiel from there website: Rejaw is a new way to communicate in real-time with friends, family, and co-workers. You can shout messages to your followers, o...
I took my 11 month old daughter Claire to the UGA North Campus today.  I thought we would enjoy the hurricane cool down picnic style.   Claire learned to point recently and she was not content with live oaks and squirrels.  She kept pointing across broad street to downtown.  So we crossed over an...
    If Pret-a-Porter is not good enough for you, then read no further. I have my standards too, my fruit-of-the-looms must be fresh.  But I don't have any hang ups about wearing a dead mans suit.  Not when I'm paying $12.99 for a previously owned Britches of George Town suit.  I have shopped at t...
Living with five indoor dogs does have it's upsides.  Of course I do have to buy lint rollers by the case.  But beyond the love and entertainment I get from my dogs, there is the K9 Cologne I wear to work everyday.   Imperceptible to humans (I hope),  my aroma gives me the red carpet treatment at...
Lincoln a/k/a Realtor Daddy. I'm typing this with one hand and playing tug-of-war with my eleven month old daughter.  Claire is the light of my life and center of my very limited attention span.  She was born just in time for the Mortgage Crisis and as a result we have spent exactly zero on dayca...

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