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 I'm a builder and today I had something incredible happen. I built 5 homes in a high end subdivision in northwest Indiana and I had a total nightmare happen. I bought a window from my local supplier that I researched extensively and found nothing but positive on it, turns out that the windows pe...
Many people are passing up a great time to build right now because they fear the trial of going to their own banker and going through all the hoops simply to be rejected in the end. This task seems daunting to many so they won't even try to test the waters. So what are the keys to a smooth easy p...
We are steadily selling houses in this market but our great dilemna is in getting a bank that will finance the building process. Financing a construction loan is like expecting your taxes to go down. We stumble through bank after bank until we can convince our customer to use just 2 local banks t...
Building growth in Northwest Indiana  Unbridled, unchecked growth in real estate on the 2 coasts and unethical lending started us into this downward spiral that we face but we don't have to stay in this malaise. Northwest Indiana has a lot to promote and solidify in this volatile market. Are thi...
I have never sold a pre-sold through a realtor, I have offered very good money for selling a pre-sold but have yet to sell one through a realtor. I offer a very nice package at a very reasonable price and a lot of realtors know that but no one will sell one on their own. Little do they know that ...
We have been fortunate to sell 10 pre sold homes this year and we're thankful because otherwise I'm not sure we would have made it. These are some things we did that I believe help set us apart. Heres what we are doing. 1. People are shopping on the internet. Have a good website and make yourself...

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