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To say the mortgage industry has changed would be an gross understatement.  It would be like saying the atom bomb is a cute little fire cracker.  Not much has gone unchange in the industry and most lenders and brokers have closed their doors and moved on to different careers.  Now is the time tha...
For those who believe they cannot move or sell their home: Doug and Suzy Martin ( real names changed) decided to change their lifestyle.  They had a large, beautiful home by the beach in Encinitas, CA.  They decided to look around to see how they could simplify while improving on their quality of...
Encinitas, CA remains an incredibly vibrant place to live and raise a family.  For years it was a great place by the beach where you could afford a home.  Those days disappeared a few years ago as we experienced a mad rush of newcomers desiring their piece of paradise.  Well, it's time again!  So...
What is going on in the news these days?  I certainly would scare the heck out of me if it were all true!  I would have to change my career in the mortgage industry.   The truth of the matter in real estate, is that it is going through an expected correction!  No surprises.  The big surprise is w...

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