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This blog will center on various opportunities in the Front Range of Colorado for people to maintain and acquire value in their real estate transactions. You are welcome to post your thoughts and wuestions, too. the only requirement is that you keep it polite and clean. Don't say something in anger, berate or "cuss" on this blog. There is no second chance on that point. My goal here is to help you, and build a place where we can all have some real fun with real estate.
With the sweeping platform of liberal spend and tax programs that 10 generations cannot pay back, we are now faced with a constant stream of bank regulations that affect lenders, and will also affect us. Fannie Mae is now condusting their own appraisals behind those the lender or servicer orders....
Today, I am praying for the swift recovery of a fellow Realtor in my office. He went through surgery on his heart yesterday. He has been through this before, but any surgery is serious. As I sit here this morning, getting ready for the holidays, and all that these preparations entail, gifts, card...
By now we have awakened from our Tryptophan induced comas, and the crash after the Black Friday sales, and Cyber Monday madness... Are things really that bad, or are we being grossly misled? I for one think that the scales may actually bend a little more to the latter than the former. Since we a...
It sure would be easy to be upset. the media is spewing all sorts of things about the economy. we hear the constant strains of recession, depression, inflation, etc. We see this and another public servant exposed for extra- something dealings that get them into trouble. All around us there seems ...
Read the story, here. Douglas County Libraries Ranked 4th National Library Ratings Douglas County Libraries is moving on up! In 2008, Douglas County Libraries moved from 7th to 4th place nationwide among libraries serving populations of 100,000 to 250,000. The ratings are based on statistics coll...
Here is how executive salaries are being worked on by the Department of the Treasury:   October 14, 20082008-10-14-9-5-0-19994 Treasury Announces Executive Compensation Rules Under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act Washington Troubled Asset Auction Program   Capital Purchase Program Progra...
Trick or Treat source: Rocky Mtn News   Lou Farris, MBA, Realtor(r)Global Realty Marketinghttp://loufarris.point2agent.com
What grades would you give: - Henry Paulson, for forthrightness and foresight? - Ben Bernanke, for leadership and ability? - Nancy Pelosi for honesty and ethics? - Henry Waxman for integrity and values?   I am doing a straw poll on this, and am interested in your take on thinigs. My best to you a...
With paulson and Bernanke at the wheel is it any wonder we should also have a new design on the currency, too?     Ohh, and as a reminder, Bill Clinton pushed 8 years very hard to make evefry American a homeowner, which is part of the reason for the mess we're in.
The bailout passed, and look at the good it did. The markets opened another 500 pints loawer, and continued to take a nose dive. Is there something I have missed? Wasn't the bailout supposed to shore up the economy and restore market stabililty? Forgive me if I am skeptical, but so far I can see ...

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