The Fake News WarMain stream media have picked a losing battle with alternative media in their fake war salvo. Citizen journalists and alternative “fake news” media sites vastly outnumber and outclass mainstream media forces in terms of output and readers, and in many cases, in producing quality ...
Much has been written in favor of and against minumum wage laws from social justice warriors arguing for a “living wage”, to free market schools of economic thought arguing that the minimum wage destroys jobs, harms entry level workers’ job opportunities and raises prices for consumers.There is a...
The Zillow ExampleMaking Money By Losing MoneyZillow is a real estate marketing site that displays home and apartment listings and other information related to the housing market. Zillow was founded in 2005 and since then has raised over $528 million ($87 million prior to going public), generated...
While it is a positive sign that mortgage rates are still near historic lows, in the current economy there are factors far more important to the future of the housing market.Of greater importance to the real estate market than interest rates in 2016 are the overall economy, job, stock and currenc...
Even though many commentators said the Fed could NEVER raise rates, here is why they did it today:  
Overall foreign holdings of U.S. Treasuries fall $145 billion in October as China Japan and Russia cut holdings.Turkey cuts US. Treasury Bond holdings by 10% in October; 25% since January.Japan cuts $28 billion.The news comes day before Fed announcement on interest rates.
Housing starts miss estimates.
 A poor job market means poor home sales.Despite the incessant touting of a robust job market, here are charts from the St. Louis Fed that demonstrate that the job recovery is a farce. Only one group has job gains:
The Decline and Fall of the World's First Silver EmpireCurrency debasement is a dead giveaway of an empire set to declineThe Roman Denarius was used as currency throughout the Roman Republic and Empire. The denarius was initially minted of nearly pure silver and was about the size of a U.S. dime....
Earlier this year in “New Home Sales vs New Car Sales,” we noted that new car sales were robust while new home sales were stagnant. The most recent data regarding new car and home sales indicate that dynamic remains the same.New car sales were up 13.6% in October year over year and are approachin...

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