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Over the past several years statistic show that over 80% of all home buyers do all of there initial shopping on the Internet.  In this day and age of high speed Internet it is easy to go on line and browse through multiple web sites.  What do you think is the #1 item that home buyers look for?  P...
When should I list my home?  This is a question I get a lot this time of year, but before I answer the Seller need to answer a simple question.  What is your motivation?  Or.  What is going on?  Or.  How soon do you need to move?  A good follow-up question is.  What is the condition of your home?...
Well a new year is here and along with it comes new opportunities.  Many times simply looking in the rear view mirror of life and reflecting on the past can help us move forward in a more positive direction.  I thought I would list a few real estate facts that I have found to be true in the Sioux...
I'm sure that many of you have seen the different cable show as "Flip this House".  I have had several folks ask if that is the right thing for them to do? The problem often is that unless you have some skills and a sharp pencil you can get yourself in big trouble.  Now everyone has different cir...
The Real Estate market in the Sioux City area is one of opportunity for both the experienced investor or for the individual wanting to purchase that FIRST income property.  Some estimates show that in Woodbury county alone an average of 1 property a day is repossessed.  Even if this information i...

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