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Conversations about business development, entrepreneurial leadership, business strategy, authentic communication, and making a difference in community.
Chilliwack has been selected as one of 65 cities to be eligible for a place on the Canadian Edition of Monopoly.  Vote every day from today until Feb. 7 at;  Let's make it happen.  Spread the word! If you're willing to help Chilliwack become a le...
Wishing all the extraordinary people in the Active Rain network (and those who have not yet discovered this virtual reality) all the best for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2010...and beyond.  To your success,
This is your opportunity to lead the change you want to see in the world. Google is funding social innovation and change projects.  Check it out!  Over 150,000 public suggestions about how to make our world a better place were received. Vote for one of the top finalists.  http://www.project10toth...
Real estate is your livelihood...and hopefully your passion.  Do you know the name of the economic development officer in your community?  Can you name his/her favorite restaurant?  How long has he/she been in your community? What do they do for recreation?  How do they enjoy time away from work?...
In these days of diminished savings and investment accounts, foreclosures, job loss, elevated gang warfare, public shootings and clinical depression...less is more. So here goes... "When emotion goes up intelligence goes down". Ahhh...logic that resonates through my only the truth can...
I've learned so much about social media since joining Active Rain. It's opened up a whole new world.  A/R members (and staff) are so generous...sharing tips, tools and short cuts that save non-techies like me months of precious time and mind-bending frustration.  I've connected with so many kindr...
Thank you Liz and Charles for creating this group. For those who are unfamiliar with the Landmark Forum you can get the full low down by watching a video introduction from the comfort of your computer.  Simply visit and click on the graphic that says Online Introduction ...
It's time for me to look back...way I can look forward with total clarity. My mid-life crisis has officially arrived!   :-)       Roller Bay on Hope Island, British Columbia, 1982 My favorite place in the world. This image doesn't hold a candle to the sound  of the waves as they tumble ...
  Have you ever wondered why some folks rise to the top of their game in a downturned economy while the majority lose the ground they gained when times were good? Consider that you already have all the tools, skills, intellect and resources you need to be a top performer in good times and bad tim...
FURNISHED 1 bedroom + studio suite, tastefully furnished, bright & spacious. Located in Sardis available January 1st.  Short term rental at $350/week.  Outdoor recreation and nearby destinations abound. Private entrance with covered patio, fireplace, full-sized kitchen with dishwasher, full bath,...


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Business is a vehicle to fulfill on whatever matters to you in this life. Join me in Michael E. Gerber's Dreaming Room where you will approach your business, and your life, with a "blank piece of paper and beginner's mind".