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Reverse Mortgage Basics Reverse Mortgages have been around for many years, and are becoming more and more popular.  The word 'reverse' is used because they work the exact opposite as a regular mortgage works - instead of borrowing money for a house and paying it back over multiple years, the Rev...
LOW money down - NO appraisal needed!!! Make the dream of homeownership come true with the Fannie Mae HomePath® Mortgage Program How it works: 3% minimum down payment—owner occupied. Gifted funds OK. No appraisal required. No monthly mortgage insurance. 10% down payment on non-owner occupied. 6%...
November 2010 Not every community qualifies-but if it does, it's the best thing since sliced bread!  Check your listings to see if the property location qualifies http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov. Generous household income limits also apply and you can check them out at this link as well. 100...
10 Fees You Shouldn't Be Paying Awareness and planning will help you avoid these unnecessary charges.By Cameron Huddleston, Kiplinger.com It's easy to overlook fees when they're just a couple of bucks. But even the small ones quickly add up. However, most of the time you can avoid being nickel a...
Reverse Mortgage To Improve Retirement Cash Flow As the American population is reaching retirement and they want to improve their cash flow, reverse mortgages are becoming more popular.  There are mistakes being made while considering a reverse mortgage however, and below are a few examples: 1) W...
Seller Held Second Mortgage Rules Did you know...... ...that sellers may provide down payment assistance to Buyers and hold a 2nd Mortgage? Seller Held Second Mortgage Guidelines Loan must be at market rate of interest Loan cannot Balloon in first 5 years Loan must not Negatively Amortize Loan m...
Avoiding HUD Home Headaches: Tips On Buying HUD Foreclosure Homes!   Bidding & buying HUD foreclosure homes - it seems to be the hot ticket in town.  However - remember these key points to avoid problems and advise buyers: Only primary residence buyers are allowed in the first round of bidding. A...
How Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Score? This a question I get occasionally from a loan applicant, generally one that has filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy either recently or within the last couple years.  I start by explaining how a credit score is determined, and I use the Fair-Isaac Co...
Mortgage Payment Trouble: Look who is going to Jail!!! If you are a Real Estate agent and your client is having mortgage payment trouble: If you are client of mine or another mortgage lender and are having mortgage payment trouble: If you are a parent of a child that is having mortgage payment tr...
Extreme Makeover Home Edition Salem Oregon The renovation of the Oregon School for the Deaf has finished, and will air Sunday Night at 8pm PST, 10/31/10. The renovation started Monday, 10/25/10 in Salem, Oregon. While Extreme Makeover Home Edition was completing construction in Salem Oregon, abou...

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