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Will Radioactive Particles reach Eugene Oregon or the East Coast?  Part 2 This is the 2nd post: Read the first post Nuclear Reactors are supposed to be safe, how did this happen? First, the Tsunami whipped out all of their backup systems.  It’s important even when a Nuclear Reactor is shut down (...
Price of Gas around the world: an Apples to Apples Analysis Recently I posted Price of Gas is all relative, and it's not as bad as you think!  I got many comments, some positive, some not, some pointing out the obvious, that I was not comparing apples to apples when looking at the price of gas.  ...
Price of Gas is all relative, and it’s not as bad as you think! I was in the kitchen listening to CNN talking about the price of gas and how it’s rising daily; it’s expected to be closer to $4, maybe even $5 per gallon fairly soon. I got to thinking, what I do pay on a per gallon basis for the Ga...
VooDoo Doughnut has buzz - TRY IT - in Eugene Oregon! Years ago while in Portland for a conference a fellow attendee begged me to make a doughnut run with her to VooDoo Doughnuts.  It wasn’t that warm out and I couldn’t understand why she would want to go to a doughnut shop in an iffy side of tow...
It’s true – Antiques Roadshow is coming to Eugene, Oregon! How much is that old crank telephone in your attic worth, anyway?  You’ll soon find out, because Antiques Roadshow is coming to Eugene, Oregon! The popular Antiques Roadshow will be in Eugene on June 4, 2011.  Tickets are FREE and limited...
Jean Chatzky gives for getting over your fear of retirement - use your Home Equity with a Reverse Mortgage! I've been in the mortgage industry for 16 years.  While working with first time home buyers is my heart of hearts, explaining the process to them, seeing the smile on their faces and the ex...
Is FHA Mortgage Insurance REALLY going to increase by 25%? It's true.  FHA announced it is increasing monthly mortgage insurance from .90% to 1.15% - a 25% increase - effective April 18th, 2011. But that doesn't have to be bad news for all my clients.  Watch this video and learn how I "taylor fit...
What are the Reverse Mortgage payout options, and are they taxable? A question I'm often asked about a Reverse Mortgage is: how do I get the money? And, will I be taxed on the money from a Reverse Mortgage? There are 6 different payout options for a Reverse Mortgage, and they are all based off th...
Our home is not paid off, can we still get a Reverse Mortgage? Question:  I'm wondering if you can help me.  I'm 66 and my wife is 64 years old.  We are interested in a Reverse Mortgage but don't know if we can get one because our home is not completely paid off.  Can we get a Reverse Mortgage if...
Do I have to be in credit trouble to get a Reverse Mortgage? Question:  I've heard that to get a Reverse Mortgage I have to be 62 and be in credit trouble.  I am not in credit trouble, but don't have a lot of retirement income.  Can I still get a Reverse Mortgage? Answer:  This is a question I am...

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