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My blog is intended to inform, educate and de-mystify the lending process for professionals and laypersons alike. There are usually two solutions to every human problem...including obtaining a mortgage! Contact me for any of your financing needs or questions. You deserve to understand what is happening throughout the mortgage process
Keeping abreast of the FHA Condo Approval Process is crucial in ensuring successful closing of your condo listing or purchase.  There are very lenders doing spot approvals these days, so clarifying the status of a specific condo project BEFORE a purchase contract is entered into will save all par...
  It is time for a barn raising!!!  I am so ready to help my neighbors and improve our community that i cannot contain myself.   A few years ago I was confronted with the question of “What is a barn raising?”  As a native Montanan I did not realize that many people did not understand, or apprecia...
  Belief in White Knight’s and “pixie dust” are not doing your clients any favors in the current market.  I guess I have always had a “bankers state of mind” in all aspects of life.     A good friend of mind (who happened to be a seasoned therapist) once told me a was a “Pragmatic Romantic”.  In ...
Entering 2011 begins the inevitable (by current regulations) end of the Fannie Mae High Balance Loan Limits.  Fannie Mae has already announced the the 2010 High Balance Loan Limits will remain in effect only through September 30, 2011.   Currently, the maximum loan limit for a Fannie Mae loan is ...
Very accurate post...and I can say that from experience.  I worked for an very large internet lender for over four years and was always in the top 8% of originators (330 loans in 2003).  There is absolutely no way I could close between 21 and 50 loans per month and provide agents with the communi...
Gene has provided some very important information that may just save a life or prevent a theft.  I have not heard of this before and really think it is important to share with as many people as possible.  Please reblog or share!         Establishing relationships, and then building upon them with...
Hey San Diego and North County, I know where I am going to be this weekend!1 Want to join me with San Diego's best photographer, real estate agent and fan?  It will be great fun and it is all FREE, FREE, FREE!   Thank you, William, for the beautiful pictures you share!December Nights December 3rd...
This is a great post applies to all aspects of the real estate process.  Consumers need to balance the opinions of family, friends and co-workers against the knowledge and experience of their chosen "trusted advisor" very carefully.  Often the well meaning "advice" has the unfortunate opposite ef...
This post is a must read for every consumer in the country.  The banks have done a masterful propaganda sleight of hand by placing the blame of the housing crisis on the American public by implying and insisting borrowers were biting off more than they could afford.  And, if it isn't enough to bl...
  Really, I am not!  I am not trying to bug you, I am trying to protect you from yourself!   We all have them.  You know the ones.  Consumers, borrowers and clients who are convinced the only interest the mortgage planner or real estate agent has is in closing the sale.  It is that commission thi...

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