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My blog is intended to inform, educate and de-mystify the lending process for professionals and laypersons alike. There are usually two solutions to every human problem...including obtaining a mortgage! Contact me for any of your financing needs or questions. You deserve to understand what is happening throughout the mortgage process
  Jeff has done a great job of explaining rates...from front to back!  The "What's your rate" conversation has baffled me for years!  Moreso, I loathe (okay, strong word) mortgage rate daily drops and mortgage rate calculators....they are all basically "bait and switch" tactics.  As any mortgage ...
  I have written several articles on the FHA 203K loan and continue to believe it is the most under used, misunderstood, and absolutely the most creative finance product available in todays’ real estate market.         SERIOUSLY, what other product will allow a consumer to finance up to 110% of t...
  A Long and Winding Road or A Path to a Closing Nightmare:  A Primer on Privately Maintained Roads   Some of the most beautiful properties lie at the end of a long and winding road.  Many people yearn for the quiet, solitude and exclusivity of living off the beaten path.  However, when the “Drea...
Elliott provides some great information on Private Road Maintainence Agreements in this post.  I will be expounding on the subject further; however,  my comment on his blog sums it up: If you are a listing agent marketing a property located on a private road do yourselves, your sellers and the bu...
Paula provides some great insight on marketing to your local niche.  I certainly will be employing some of her ideas!  I particularly like the idea of creating a blog and flyer out of fun things to do in the specific area.  Hmmm....I live outside out San Deigo, America's Finest City; wonder if th...
This is a great post about how confusing the mortgage process can be for consumers.  I am not the least bit surprised the Zillow's survey uncovered the fact that many, many consumers have very incorrect assumptions about the mortgage process.  I like Gene's medical analogy...and it is so true.  I...
  Eat better for Boney’s EarthGrown Market in Oceanside!!!   Stop by to see the new remodel and sign up for their monthly drawing for FREE groceries!!     Discover Oceanside’s solution to sky rocketing food prices by shopping at Boney’s, 1820 Oceanside Blvd., Oceanside, CA 92054.  Pri...
A big thank you to Elliott for the ability to reblog this post.  Important and crucial information.  However, I have to tell you that a signed and recorded road maintenence agreement is required on all properties that are accessed by a private road.  The lender/investor is concerned as much about...
Teaching an old dog some new tricks.  Okay, I am not willing to concede that I am an old dog,  However, I am willing and motivated to explore new revelations in the lending process.   In a typical mortgage/real estate transaction the consumer meets with the mortgage professional, who in turn tak...
There are days of late that I have felt more like the "Grim Reaper" than a finance professional! Some time ago I wrote a post "Confessions of a Loan Officer" extolling my frustrations in the lending process.  Well I left out the specific reasons for my rant against my chosen career path, I certai...

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