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My blog is intended to inform, educate and de-mystify the lending process for professionals and laypersons alike. There are usually two solutions to every human problem...including obtaining a mortgage! Contact me for any of your financing needs or questions. You deserve to understand what is happening throughout the mortgage process
Gene Mundt brings up a very good point and worth the read.  Despite the media hype and negative connations, there are times an ARM can save you a LEG!             Better get a big bar of Lifebuoy soap out and cover the children's ears ... I'm going to use an ugly ... dirty ... word!      ARM!   S...
Great information....straight to the point!RISMEDIA, July 3, 2010-FHA Pros, LLC, a national FHA condo approval service, has developed a list of facts speaking to the top misconceptions associated with FHA loans in order to help home buyers better navigate an already confusing market. FHA loans ar...
Just had to reblog this post!  Excellent advice!A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled "Coping With Disappointment in Real Estate" that I was happy to have Featured. Many comments had a "chin up" response which I appreciated. Others made comments about the unusual responsibility of the role we pla...
Good point...IMHO, consumers are taking the current incredibly low interest rates for granted.  The combination of the decline in home values and today's rates are probably the chance of a lifetime to own a home in California.  Amazing that they are "waiting" for something better.Home buyer's hav...
This post has some great advice that bears repeating.  In today's restrictive lending environment, I cannot imagine asking a listing agent for early occupancy prior to a close.  And, it the sellers/buyers came to terms for early occupany I would be notifying everyone involved in the transaction t...
Lynn Arends has created a post of information about Fannies new HAFA program that looks to provide some well needed relief in the short sale process.  There is important information in this post that will help agents and consumers alike.As you may have heard, by August 1, 2010 Fannie Mae and Fred...
Finally, The Holy Grail of Mortgage Finance!  All the mysteries, confusions and frustrations of getting your buyers approved for a mortgage loan will be answered!  In just a few minutes of your time you will have all the tools to ensure your client's mortgage loan is successfully funded without s...
Good information to be shared.  Number 9 and 10 are really to the point.  #9 because consumers often think they are "helping" by paying off a debt, or a collection prior to close.  ANY change in the credit profile can (probably will) alter credit scores.  Paying off a debt/collection CAN actuall...
Donne has written an excellent series explainng the different sources of mortgage financing and I believe her series would be very beneficial as a primer for any consumer looking for mortgage financing.In Part 1, I provided some background info on what happens with most mortgages after the close ...
So, once again rates are at "historical lows" and yet many consumers are sitting on the fence hoping to get the best rate... the lure of trying to time the bottom of the market has cost many a borrower a lot of money.  Remembering that for every economic analyst who predicts rates will go down th...

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