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My blog is intended to inform, educate and de-mystify the lending process for professionals and laypersons alike. There are usually two solutions to every human problem...including obtaining a mortgage! Contact me for any of your financing needs or questions. You deserve to understand what is happening throughout the mortgage process
Great information!  And, not just for the West Coast!  I was in Evansville, Indiana a couple years ago and they had an pretty significant earthquake.  Apparently, one of the largest faults in the nation crosses through the Midwest.This morning's newscast highlighted the need for San Diegans to be...
Lynn has once again written a post that can truly benefit consumer and agent alike. Great information!Last week Fannie, this week Freddie! On June 1, 2010, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac each released guidelines for implementing the Treasury Department's Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Progr...
So, it appears that "the little old woman who lived in a shoe and had so many children she didn't know what to do" may have been on to the newest building trend in the condo market.   Industry analysts site a growing trend in home buyers wanting a life style more than a family room and big back y...
Part two of a great post.  VA Vendee financing could be a "way in" for new investors.A recent question in the comments section asked me about the VA program known as vendee financing. I wrote an initial post about the program itself, but I was also asked about my opinion of the program: “Are you ...
Great information on how to buy with a VA loan even if you are not a veteran. I was asked a question about the VA program called Vendee Financing and wanted to address the issue in a blog post or two. From the comments section: “Are you familiar with the Vendee Program bank of America offers to b...
Great information for your safety!  Wasp spray?  Who knew..........My mom forwarded this email to me...some interesting info and great information.....THIRTEEN THINGS YOUR BURGLAR WON'T TELL YOU: 1. Of course I look familiar. I was here just last week cleaning your carpets, painting your shutters...
Okay, after over twenty years not much surprises me......not meaning "I have seen it all" (ignorant words).  But this story blew me away.  Truly evidence the lenders don't know their left hand from the right.I doubt a study has been done, but I would guess the number is quite high. I just had my ...
Ken hits it out of the park on this post.  Check it out...very much worth the read.They call their selves "mortgage specialists" or "mortgage professionals". They are definitely everywhere inside the real estate industry and you see their ads all over real estate centric websites, at real estate ...
Great post by Erica.  It is sometimes amazing what gets featured and what doesn't.This is going to be a short, lighthearted post tonight. I write blogs here several times a week, and also post on other sites. I write for AgentGenius as well, and have 4 other blogs of my own on wordpress. The funn...
Great information from Debe Maxwell.  Giving a FSBO consumer full knowledge of what they will encounter during the marketing of their home is a great avenue to increased listings.Are You Up for Selling Your OWN Real Estate? As I’m sure you are aware, the real estate industry is experiencing one o...

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