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My blog is intended to inform, educate and de-mystify the lending process for professionals and laypersons alike. There are usually two solutions to every human problem...including obtaining a mortgage! Contact me for any of your financing needs or questions. You deserve to understand what is happening throughout the mortgage process
This is a very interesting read and some startling stats about foreign investors in the marketplace. Bill Barnett is an author, radio show host, and speaker, but most importantly he is a Realtor, investor and family man.  This weekend I traveled to Fort Worth and the DFWREIClub meeting to listen ...
Some timely advice that I need to incorporate and I think can be beneficial to others.It's Called Social Networking For A Reason You Have To Be Social!   I have spent the last 4-5 years learning about social networks.  Most people know me as a Realtor, but I am also a musician.  Some years ago, m...
That's right there are no pre-approval letters.  I am reblogging Lenn's reblog because this is IMPORTANT for all agents to understand.  Please make comments specifically to Lenn's post to help keep eveyone on the same page.  Fellow mortgage professionals please share what your company or platform...
So the Financial Reform Bill has passed.  All 2,319 pages of it.  No, I haven't read it...but this post is not about the bill, it's about the PAGES!  I mean, good grief, could we maybe introduce Congress to blogging about their bills and saving it to a disk.....or even a zip file, for goodness sa...
Yesterday I had the occasion to talk with a former colleague with whom I have the utmost respect for and I was on my soapbox of how I believe blogging is the niftiest thing since sliced bread. I professed she should drink the Kool-Aid and jump right in.  Understand, the woman KNOWS her stuff and ...
Elliot has raised such a valuable possibility.  What if our membership reached out to related industries.  Accountants, family law attorney's, bankruptcy attorney's, financial planners, insurance agents and any number of other professional who can educate us and help our clients?  Wow, what a pre...
I don't have an answer for Jonathon, but I sure would like to see the discussion."Do you know any good real estate agents in ?"   That is the money question. The conversation we all wish we could be a part of. These type of conversations are increasingly taking place online, and with...
Most of us would agree that we prefer doing business with people we know and  with who we have established a relationship.  And, the strength of the relationship is built upon trust and mutual respect.  It also usually involves some degree of commitment.  We also know that in the course of time "...
Donne continues her series on Choosing Your Lender...and a must read it is.  She has done a masterful job of explaining the many options consumers have for financing and copies of her posts would be valuable assets for any consumer to have.In Part 1, I provided some background info on what happen...
This is a great post and explanation of the various programs the government has put together to help homeowners.  I am reblogging because the information is very succinct and may be helpful in explaining options to home owners.There have been numerous programs designed to assist the distressed ho...

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