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My blog is intended to inform, educate and de-mystify the lending process for professionals and laypersons alike. There are usually two solutions to every human problem...including obtaining a mortgage! Contact me for any of your financing needs or questions. You deserve to understand what is happening throughout the mortgage process
This is a great article on how to help yourself in the home buying process.  I would take the liberty of saying the same in true for sellers and all agents.  I cannot communicate what needs to happen unless I CAN communicate with you!One of the things we as licensees often take for granted is tha...
Two sentences, uttered all to often in the real estate and mortgage industries, that absolutely drive me crazy are "Well, I have NEVER seen this before!"(followed by the years of experience, number of closings or any such thing)  and  "You People" (this one is ALWAYS followed by a tirade of venom...
This is important information for al California Vets!  You may be eligibe for the tax rebate continuation!  Check out this article by John Wojtasiak.  Great information!First I would like to welcome home all of the Sailors and Marines from the USS Eisenhower strike group who returned home to Norf...
What can I say except Donne has set the standard for Choosing your Lender!  I am more than happy to "measure up" to her standards and wish the entire mortgage industry would do the same.  Excellent and comprehensive advice from a consummate professional.In the first four parts of this series, I p...
There have been a couple posts this week about the medical benefits in Costa Rica....but, the articles were, more or less, in theory.  Since I have my own "Reality Series" in Costa Rican medical services, I thought I would tell "My Story". I flew into San Jose in January, 2004.  Stayed at the lov...
I really like this graphic by Renee Burrows in Las Vegas.  It does a tremendous job of showing prospective home buyers exactly what the market is dictating with regard to seller paid closing costs.  I think it goes a lot way in helping borrowers set realistic goals about if, and how much, seller ...
Some sellers just have good karma on their side.  As I was reading Nancy Connor's post on Look what the Seller's left behind, and I could not help but remember the closing of my second home in Pine Mountain Lake, Groveland, CA.I had visited Groveland a number of times and really enjoyed the quain...
Finally some clarity about accepting an offer from a VA borrower.  Stephanie really explains why there is no reason to reject an offer from a Veteran.The Veteran Home Buyer I recently had an interesting discussion with a loan officer in San Diego about the Veteran home buyer. She posed the questi...
Jeff has done a masterful job of explaining when you can work with a non-occupant co-borrower and when it won't work at all.   There will always be some sort of mortgage myth in our industry or a piece of information given by a loan officer that is misleading. What I am about to talk about is reg...
Very good post explaining Reverse Mortgages.  Review the facts thoroughly before making a decision for or against.       Facts will tell you ... what is medicinal and of assistance physically to one person, is pure poison to another.        That is certainly the truth when talking of mortgage loa...

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