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Everywhere I turn these days I see a new advertisement for a Realtor.  As soon as I fire up my Facebook with coffee in hand I am inundated with pictures and advertisements from Realtors.  I get everything from if I want the value of my house... click here.  If I want to buy a house... click here....
Right now there's a lull in the outbound marketing for real estate business.  I'm not just talking about my own city of Roseville but everywhere across America the outbound solicitations have lulled.  The phone calls have slowed down and so have the door knocks.  The largest real estate company i...
I had the strangest experience this morning.  I was sitting at my small chess table typing away when suddenly a notification comes across the top of my screen saying my Mojo Dialing Purchase went through.  Normal stuff for a Realtor right?  Nope because "instantly" and I mean "as in that very mom...
I've heard before that moving is one of the most stressful things a person goes through.  This one piece of information has helped give me a greater sense of calm while going through it myself.  No matter your situation I've found the one common denominator is that Moving Sucks.  I certainly don'...
Yes its come full circle and all those English classes I skipped have come back to haunt me.  I now often feel weak and not up to par when trying to so something as simple as write a blog.  Take the following article about the Sacramento MLS.  I wrote it initially because I love helping investors...
Over the last few days I have been entertaining my father-in-law at my home.  Our conversations have ranged from internet questions to conversations on cell phone dependence.  In one short conversation we found he had more then enough to do everything he wanted and it was right in his hand.  His ...
I completely understand why homeowners often want to try selling their home without the help of a Realtor.  I'm living in Sacramento California and we have had some incredible home appreciation over the last few years.  This has made the appearance of selling homes seem simpler then it is.  For a...
Finding Gems in Arden Park and Arden Manor -  Why I love 95864 - Sacramento To be fair I should first admit I’m totally biased to this Sacramento Zipcode.  My first home was actually on Gladstone Drive in Sacramento 95864.  Since then I have spent many years as a Sacramento Real Estate Investor a...
The Sacramento Real Estate Market is absolutely huge.  Homes in the Sacramento area have risen in value at such a rate that people aren't afraid anymore.  Now people are getting excited.  It's Home Selling Season!    Wait... What about the drought?Yes there is a California drought that is affecti...

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