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Today's story is titled, "The Three Brothers." Three young brothers are sent out into the world by their mother, to "seek their fortune".  Each decides that he should buy a home in order to increase his net worth and have a roof over his head.  Each hires a different Realtor to help them buy thei...
In a town not too far from here, there lived a man and his wife who had the good fortune to possess a home with golden siding, a large and newly updated top-of-the line kitchen, and many other lovely features.  One spring day, after many years of enjoying their home, they decided that they wanted...
Once there was a young woman, let's call her ‘Goldie,' and she decided to buy herself a home. She told her Realtor that she wanted a cozy home with 2 BR and 1 BA.  Her Realtor showed her a wonderful condo in a great location but Goldie just shook her head and said,   "This home is Too Small.  I n...
Looking for a new town to call home?  Dedham, Massachusetts has a lot to offer.  Dedham Square has been given new life, revitalized, with plenty of hip shops and a brand new movie theater marquee.  Much thanks for that goes to the Dedham Square Circle organization and its members.  Have a coffee ...
Many of the schools here in the Boston area announced yesterday that they would be closed today, based on our weather reports expecting 6-12 inches of snow.  So, many of us are probably working from home today, perhaps because the kids are home from school or just to avoid the traffic tangles tha...
When submitting an offer for a Buyer, there are three possible responses: 1.  Offer is Accepted2.  Offer is Countered3.  Offer is Rejected In order to maximize the chances of either 1 or 2 resulting, remember that the sale price is only one component, i.e. negotiation point, of the overall offer....
For those of you with cash on hand or the ability to get financing, the current real estate market has unbelievable opportunities available to you.  Mortgage rates are historically low and there are many many choices of properties at prices that we haven't seen since the earlier part of the decad...
The Turning Point Retreat in Atlanta with Brian Buffini was, as always, excellent.  Lots of great information, topical and current.  Brian's a great speaker - he keeps you engaged and repeats all of the important details to help boost our memories.  Most of all, the energy that is generated is ph...
I'm packing to leave tomorrow morning for Atlanta to attend the two-day Turning Point Retreat put on by Brian Buffini and Company. The best thing I can do in this market is update my skills, network with other out-of-town agents and get re-energized to do the best I can for my clients. If you are...
After watching the final presidential debate tonight, I find myself unable to sleep, thinking about the issues and the candidates. We do have a number of important issues that need to be addressed, or to at least begin to be addressed; in my opinion, these include but are not limited to: Economic...

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