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Search engine optimization is often cloaked in mystery. Partially for good reasons -- it is a bit mysterious. The mysterious parts are associated with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others -- and how they use mathematical algorithms to rank sites. Now I won't bore you with those fig...
Years ago I was told a fascinating story by a mentor of mine in the investment banking industry. Investment bankers at that time were looking for investors in what they were calling “third-world economies.” However nobody was having much luck. Then some banker started calling them “emerging econo...
The reason content is king is: what else is there? Think about it for a moment. Content is everything in terms of your site being found by Google and the other search engines. Content is the quiddity - the essence of your site. That's why all our writers hold bachelors degrees or higher. However,...
There is something perplexing about self-promotion or branding . . . it's acceptable to talk about yourself, however you must do it without talking about yourself. Huh? Stick with us for a moment. Branding and self-promotion is how most everyone (and corporations) grow their business and advance ...
I enjoy doing article posts when I schedule time for tools and tweaks . . . I usually get large responses from readers. Today I will share a great group of innovative tools and little tweaks. OK,here is a phenomenal little tool in Google - go to Google and look to the top right hand corner of the...
At first glance it appears so very counterintuitive. You know -- it's not about me? Then why on earth am I doing this? I get asked that all the time . . . and my response is almost always the same: because that's how it all works. Networking, marketing, sales, and most all other facets of busines...

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