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Are you faced with cleaning our your Cambridge house? Looking to sell your stuff in an effort to sell your house? Selling your home is often accompanied by the question "What are going to do with all this stuff?"  Your house will sell for top dollar when it looks its best - and that often means w...
Tags Hardware in Porter Squareis the place to go when you're moving to Cambridge or Somerville.  It's one-stop shopping when you've just moved into your new place. Opened in 1957 and still run by the Shapiro family, Tags is a combination hardware store - home store.  Over the years the store has ...
After whizzing through page after page of posts I just sat up straight in my chair and realized what had changed.  Wow!! It seems that instead of the whole post showing after the initial page of the blog roll now each page just has snippets.  It's an interesting change... I'm whizzing much faster...
Porcelain Patch & Glaze - Watertown MA  Got some ugly colored tile in your house? A stained bathtub sorely in need of sprucing up? Or a battered file cabinet that's too shabby for your office?  Time to give Porcelain Patch & Glaze of Watertown Massachusetts a call. Porcelain Patch and Glaze offer...
We spotted this truck on our weekly tour recently.  It's a functioning truck - and a functioning garden - there are even tomatoes on the vine. It wasn't transporting the plants - the truck was set up as a garden on wheels. Sort of gives a new spin to the idea of a "raised bed" in your garden.  
Petsi Pies - Cambridge and Somerville Pie Heaven  I'll never forget my first bite of Petsi Pie's mixed berry pie.  It was a small, delectable explosion in my mouth. Tart, sweet, and absolutely scrumptious.  She had me at one bite.  I've been a fan of Petsi's savory and sweet pies ever since. That...
I've got an ever growing collection of books about House and Home.  Put either word in the title and I'll pull it off the shelf and consider it. Today I popped into a bookstore - always dangerous! - and ended up in the Architecture section where I found a copy of Dorothy Pym's 1936 book Houses as...
Industrial Credit Union - Boston MA  If you're moving to Boston or nearby there's a good chance you're thinking about opening up an account at a bank.  Why not choose a credit union instead? When I grew frustrated with hefty charges at my local bank I decided to search for a credit union.  Some o...
We've always been able to remember the age of our first house. It was brand new when my parents bought it and my mother signed the papers in the hospital while she was having my brother.  So the house was as old as Andy - or vice versa. My parents' first house was a Cape built in 1961. Typical of...
Armando's Pizza - 163 Huron Ave - Cambridge MA  When I give directions to my Cambridge real estate office it's all about food - we're around the corner from Hi Rise, across the street from Sarah's, and next door to Armando's Pizza.  If you're at all familiar with Cambridge you'll know right where...

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