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How do other agents handle the situation where an unrepresented buyer asks/demands/threatens for a 3% price reduction right off the top?The conversation goes somthing like this:  "I like this house.  I want to make an offer.  I don't have an agent.  I want you to reduce your commission to 3% to m...
If you're a realtor and you're using a TREO, which i recommend, at least in Atlanta becuase the Supra Key will run on your fon, you MUST get a copy of google maps for the TREO.  Do not go to bed tonight without getting it.  Open a browser on your fon and goto will connect to...
In Gary William's Millionaire Real Estate Agent book, they tell the story about a study of school children given the task of making clay pots.  One group of students was told to make one pot as perfectly as they could.  The other group was told to make as many pots as they could no matter the qua...
Recently, I've had three negotiations that have come to screetching halts...actaully they never really got started.  Three times now (on homes that are resonably priced), I've had buyers make offers and then essentially refuse to negotiate off their initial offer.  I realize that most people thin...
I recently listed a home that needed a real "pick me up."  It is an 11 year old house with furnishings much older than that.  As part of my marketing package I offer a staging consultation.  Angel Walker, an Atlanta-based stager went in and made a real improvement, but most importantly, she was a...
Don't worry, I'm not going to endorse any candidates here as much as I might like to.  I don't think I have to.   To anyone who attended tonight's Candidate Forum, it was pretty clear who the viable candiates were.  That is for any contested district that is less than or greater than 3.  There ar...
Brutal Honesty. Only your friends can be brutally honest with you, so they say. One of my problems, I’ve always been told, is that I’m too honest, that I don’t sugar coat my opinions enough, even it they are “right.” In real estate it is hard to be honest, particularly with sellers. No one wants ...
 I've always maintained that if income taxes were due the Friday before the November general election that we would have a totally different government in this country - at all levels - than we do today.  In fact, if I could make only one change to our governmental process, that would be it.As it...
The League of Women Voters is hosting a Candidate Forum for the Milton City Council election on Wednesday October 4, 2006 in the Milton High School Auditorium. The time is 7:30PM.  There is a "Meet and Greet" to follow the forum.For a list of candidates see this post.  Kevin Warmathwww.LiveInAlph...
Orange and green; blue and red; green only for the cost conscious:  That's the kind of govenment we want, right?  These are the colors of the candidates' sign that decorate our roadsides as we wind our way to our first local elections. It pretty exciting, actually.  This time we are selecting six...


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