Bay Area communities rank high on a list of most livable cities in the U.S.:
Browse From Michael Bauer: Welcome to the Top 100 The Bay Area loves to eat. Our lust — and respect — for food are centuries old. Maybe it’s a legacy of the Gold Rush, when “free lunch” was offered at the brothels that dotted just about every street corner of San Francisco. Because of this link, ...
Home prices grew slightly faster than rents across the country over the past year, but purchasing a property remains the less-expensive option, thanks in part to low mortgage rates. That's true even here in the Bay Area, which lays claim to the highest home prices in the nation. Read more at http...
With so many options how do you choose?  I have come to the conclusion, I need to get more organized, use social media and get some branding done, but I don't want to drop what I am currently doing.  Just today, I was surfing the web with the intent to pick the best product for me to get "organiz...
Check this out!!!  Watching your TV for one hour reduces your life 22 minutes.  Let's get out and about, and start moving about.


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