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  Home automation is still a relatively recent development in the history of home design. While timers for electronics and motion detectors have been in homes since the late 80s (and thermostats have been around for substantially longer), the digital era has resulted in an explosion of home autom...
  A surging trend in home building and remodeling is the technologically-advanced or automated home. Automated homes allow homeowners to control various features of the home when absent or busy. Home automation will only develop further, so it would be wise to catch on to the trend early.   Theme...
Many people dream of owning their own businesses, but many are under the impression that doing so is prohibitively expensive. However, there are a number of businesses you can start in your own home, and many require only small investments. Here are five businesses to consider starting. Real Esta...
Sales leads are the foundation of a real estate agent's career. Without leads, they will not be able to sell properties and houses. The CRM tools help real estate agents manage their leads and determine who's ready to buy and who's only thinking about it. Consider these useful ways that a CRM (Cu...
  The Ultimate Green Home   When most people talk about green technology, they immediately point to the new wave of hybrid vehicles as the future of green technology, and it makes sense, as many of us spend hours in our cars every week. However, there is one thing that we use more than our cars o...

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