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Short Sale or Foreclosure in Temecula Valley?  That is the question a lot of homeowners are having to ask themselves who live in Temecula.  Don't know which way to go in this market?  Can a short sale stop the foreclosure process?  Who can do a short sale?  Who qualifies? When will I have to move...
Wow, Spring has definately affected the housing market here in Temecula.  We are seeing new home builders building again on lots that have been vacant for years.  We are receiving multiple offers on homes and full priced offers.  The buyers are acting quickly to put in offers.... Hopefully, this ...
Wow, I am so excited to see that the short sales are getting approved much faster then last year...  I am hearing from many agents that they are getting short sale approvals and much faster then before.  Hopefully we will continue to see the banks respond quickly so the buyers will still be inter...
2010 has started off to be a GREAT year!!!!  With the housing market improving and homes getting multiple offers, short sales getting approved we are off to a Great start!!!
I heard that the first time home buyer credit has been extended into June of 2010.  I have heard this from several agents but when I inquired information from a lender they said it is not official.  Can anybody tell me if it has been extended for sure? 
I was wondering if just Southern California or if all areas are low in inventory.  In Temecula, CA the inventory is so low we are receiving multiple offers on everything.  It is next to impossible to get an offer accepted unless you have a cash buyer.  Does anybody know when we are going to get m...
I am just wanting to take a vote if you list short sales.  Do you take multiple offers?  and if so do you leave it active in the MLS.  I am going crazy showing properties and they really aren't still available.  If we all would state that there are multiple offers or state that you will only work...
I can say that the inventory is so low in the Temecula/Murrieta area that it is next to impossible to find a house for you buyers.  In the past I refused to show short sales.  Now that is pretty much all that is on the market.  Not to mention they have multiple offers.  If you can list a regular ...
Wow, 2009 seems to have start out to be Great.  Buyers are definately coming from all directions and actually putting in offers... My open houses are getting more activity then ever.  I think with interest rates at an all time low in years combined with home prices at an all time low we are going...
The homes here in the Temecula Valley are receiving multiple offers.  I have been working with numerous buyers and have submitted several offers and find it very difficult to get an offer accepted.  Even going in over asking price.  This is good news because the market is picking up and prices se...

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