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Information on what's happening TODAY in the ever changing world of mortgage lending.
Here is an interesting article about identification that is currently being asked for when applying for a home mortgage loan. It's interesting that no matter how hard we try or how many guidelines are set when applying for a home mortgage loan, there are still loopholes. Loopholes for tomorrow th...
Have you had issues with getting your closing documents to theclosing table on time? Why? Is it the company? Is it the processor? Thecloser? The title company? Maybe all of the above??   And with all the changes in the industry it's hard sometimes toidentify what or who is to the cause of the del...
Keene Ranch Subdivision Castle Rock Colorado Have you ever heard the song from Camelot that went something like "If ever I should leave you, it would never be in 'fill in the season'"?? Well, fall is never a time to consider leaving Keene Ranch Subdivision! The colors in the fall are spectacular...
Interest Rates Denver Week of October 11th, 2010 Mortgage bond prices ended the week considerably higher pushing mortgage interest rates lower. Interest rates finished the week better by over a full discount point. The Treasury auctions this week will gain much of the focus. If foreign demand rem...
I don't like spiders and even more so when I'm not sure what kind it is! I took this picture with a quarter laying beside to give perspective as to its size. My husband was bitten on the stomach by something a couple of weeks ago that required antibiotics to stop the infection. So now we're looki...
Thinking of buying a home in the Castle Rock area? Avoid feeling like a fish out of water! That's what it's like when you are thinking about buying a home without being prequalified by a lender first! Here are 5 reasons you need to be prequalified before you get in the car and start looking for ...
Mortgage Rate Indicators for Denver  Week of October 4th, 2010 Mortgage bond prices ended the week higher pushing mortgage interest rates slightly lower. These mortgage rate indicators were the reason rates improved the first portion of the week tied to weaker stocks and a lower than expected co...
I wrote a post recently wondering what the viewing statistics of videos really were. Whether or not people really took the time to download them and actually watch them. The responses I got seemed to suggest that if you were a consumer you might be more likely to view  a video than AR users might...
Looking for foreclosed homes in Denver Yikes! I am reblogging this story because there are some very important issues here that need to recognized by our industry when buyers start looking for foreclosed homes! Good information for buyers who are looking for foreclosed homes in hopes of finding ...
"Ladies and Gentleman, Please pay attention to the cabin crew who will demonstrate the safety features on this aircraft." How many times have you heard that as your plane starts to depart? Do YOU ever pay attention to them, or are you just busy getting settled in and know you've heard it enough t...

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