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Rent or Buy in Colorado Springs? If you are trying to decide whether you should rent or buy in Colorado Springs, this information here should help you with your decision. I'd like to point out that per the charts below, sales prices have stabilized. Combine that with the interest rate info, and ...
Mortgage Rate Indicators for Denver When the time comes to buy a home, whether it's your first or your fifth, interest rates are always top of the list of items to be considered. Below are the mortgage rate indicators for the upcoming week. Market Comment - Week of December 7th, 2009Mortgage bond...
Home for sale in Springs Ranch, Colorado Springs If you are wondering what a payment would cost you for this home for sale, you might want to use this calculator. Mortgage Calculator Free Mortgage Calculator You can apply on line to buy this home for sale in Springs Ranch by clicking apply onlin...
Academy District 20 home values historically show to be  a better investment in the Colorado Springs area than in other districts. It is amazing what impact a school district can have on home values. (see a previous post at ACADEMY DISTRICT 20 HOMES). This lot looks like a great place to build a...
Economic recovery in Colorado Springs seemed more likely to happen than other areas due to the military effect on the community. It was just a few months ago that local news suggested Colorado Springs wasn't position for economic recovery. Well, maybe we're not at the top of the list yet, but at...
Academy District 20 homes in Colorado Springs have held their value (see the article below) largely due to the reputation of the high academic ratings. Academy District 20 homes support approximately thirty one schools with more being proposed. It's not uncommon for local conversations to not ju...
That is the question that came up in today's sales meeting with one of our real estate groups. Quite a bit of debate, however, the Q&A section found on the IRS website states "No". Think of the advantages we have here. If a seller is concerned about selling in this market, yet wants to take advan...
FHA Loans in Denver. If you are looking for financing information on FHA loans, you most likely are also interested in hearing more about the Home Buyers Tax Credit. Below are some very valuable tips written by a real estate agent on the east coast that would also apply to buyers in the Denver ar...
Effective tomorrow, Colorado drivers will be ticketed if an officer "sees" you texting while driving! There is a rumor going around that the law also bans the use of hand held phones. But according to the website ( that's not true. I also contacted a state ...
Mortgage Rate Indicators are always a good thing to keep your eye on if you are looking to buy a home. Even though Mortgage Rate Indicators are not in any way a guarantee of what the market is going to do, they will suggest on a short term basis whether the time might be right to lock. If you are...

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