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I can't help but pout. I have been noticing all the pictures everyone is posting with blossoms budding out on the trees, and tulips and daffodils bursting colors of the rainbow. And here I sit looking out my window wondering if we will ever see the signs of spring? Even the fish are getting tired...
Be preapproved to buy a home in Castle Rock, Colorado Castle Rock is a rather small, sleepy little community located just off I-25 between Denver and Colorado Springs. The butte located on the east side of the interstate is what gave inspiration to the name, Castle Rock. It's just as important to...
Mortgage Rate Indicators for Denver Today's market was a little rough with cost of financing jumping up a bit. Temporary blip or a sign of what's coming just around the corner? No crystal ball is giving a certain answer to that question. Just stay in close communication with a lender who is keepi...
Be preapproved for a home in Castle Rock, Colorado. Whether you are renting or just thinking about a new home, the first step is to be preapproved for a home before you ever start looking for the home! First, you need to know what a preapproval means, and then I'll give examples on why you need t...
In our area, we have quite a number of red tailed hawks. Really beutiful birds, and they serve a purpose that we appreciate by keeping our vole and rabbit population in balance. As we watch them soar overhead, we've really never noticed how large these birds are. Not until we witnessed two males ...
HOORAY! For those of you that either know me or have been reading my posts, you know that I recently broke my hip while on an out of town business trip to New Orleans. Three weeks ago last Sunday, to be exact. I was told to expect to be using a walker for 6 weeks (yes, I teared up over that one!)...
Mortgage Rate Indicators for Denver Experts will be keeping a close eye on the rates between now and after the end of the month (when the Fed is expected to stop buying mortgage backed securities). If interest rates only go up .25% to .75%, then the belief is that our market is healthy. If rates ...
I know there must be something to this, or everyone wouldn't be in such a twitter about it. But I have to admit, I don't get it! I don't get how to build relationships (how many tweets does it take to get to know someone with 140 character limit per tweet??) I don't get how to put a business plan...
Oh, my! I really over did it yesterday! 8 hours of Raincamp and I'm still exhausted today! Not because of pushing that darn walker around all day, but because my head is still swimming with all the stuff we learned! Where to start? Just one thing at a time. But for reference, here are my notes th...

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