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Are you one of those people who don't want to live in a subdivision, who don't want any restrictions? Here's a little cabin equidistant from several Big South Fork trailheads in a private, wooded setting on very quiet road. There's a circle drive for easy horse trailer access. And there are two s...
I have two cabins listed, right across the street from each other, at 224 Indian Rock Trail and 225 Indian Rock Trail. What are the chances that BOTH would be under contract in this sorry market, and due to close within the next two weeks??!! It sure feels good for me to see those "Pending" signs...
Trail riders from all over the country know that the Big South Fork National Park in Jamestown, Tennessee is called, "The Trail Riding Capital Of The Southeast, boasting the best riding east of the Mississippi on 180+ miles of trails. What they may NOT know is that there are another 130 miles of ...
When you live here at the Big South Fork, it's inevitable that you will be going to Nashville at some point, for one reason or another. You may want to take a drive through the campus of Vanderbilt University, known as "The Harvard of The South." Vanderbilt was founded in 1873 with a million-doll...
Fall is a favorite time of year for trail riding and nowhere more so than here in Jamestown, Tennessee, in Big South Fork National Park. With daytime temperatures in the 70's, riders enjoy those mellow fall days when the woods are a medley of reds and golds. But riders are the only ones who get o...
Most horse owners buy their feed from a local tack shop, a farmers co-op or a hardware store and it's usually a brand name like Purina or Nutrena. Here in Big South Fork Tennessee, we can go to a real feed mill with a real miller and see the feed made right before our eyes. It's not easy to find ...
Big South Fork Tennessee is horse country but there's more to it than just saddling up and riding off down the trail. Just as you have a semi-annual checkup and cleaning at the dentist, horses also require regular dental care….but their dentists make house calls! Horses masticate their food by gr...
Big South Fork Tennessee is renowned horse country, but it's so much more than just that. As visitors drive through Fentress County, they'll see bright quilt blocks hung on local barns. In fact, they may come here just to see the quilt blocks, following the Quilt Trail through 27 states and parts...
Everyone who comes to ride in Big South Fork National Park ends up at Charit Creek Hostel, one way or another. It's a memorable experience and, for some, will be the highlight of their trip. Living here, it's a ride I love to take visitors on because I know how much they will enjoy it…and, truth ...
While there has been some controversy surrounding the re-population of black bears in the Big South Fork, there is none at all concerning the introduction of elk in Tennessee. Loss of habitat and over-exploitation by man resulted in the disappearance of elk from the eastern United States and they...

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