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The question was raised: How should a husband and wife sign the 4506T? I have done many closings in which both names appeared on the 4506T: In this case, I have the primary borrower sign the top line, and the spouse sign the bottom line: What I sometimes see is that the lender will provide a sepa...
If I have a payment problem with a signing service, I believe in working directly with the company.  I believe the problem can be resolved without going over their head. Not all notary signing agents agree It's frustrating when you've done everything asked of you to get the closing completed, the...
I got a call a couple of weeks ago to do a closing up in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I didn't do it. As you can see from this map, it's much closer to Denver and Littleton than it is to Colorado Springs.  I don't think the caller was aware of how far it was from Colorado Springs.  There are very m...
I had the opportunity last night to provide remote closing service for some people in Rocky Ford, Colorado.  This map will give you some idea just how remote the location is, and how important it is that people in this area have someone come out to them.  It's over 90 miles from Colorado Springs:...
Wouldn't it be nice to receive a blank check for doing a closing?  I could fill it in myself.  Imagine the possibilities. Well, miracles do happen.  I got a check yesterday for a closing I did, and there was no dollar amount filled in:         To be honest with you, the person did write out the a...
When signing agents accept a request to do a closing from a company they never heard of, one of the first things they do is check the message boards to see if they can find any information on the company.  They want to read what other signing agents have to say about the company.  Does it pay in ...
Like many notary signing agents, I do this full time, and am available to do closings 7 days a week.  My fee is basically the same, whether the closing is on Monday or the weekend.  I'll charge an additional fee for long distance travel expenses, if applicable, but that's the extent of my extra f...
When I first started in this profession I wasn't sure which certification to get. There are more than one?  Yes, at the time there were several.  Each organization thought there's was better. 'Our certification is more rigorous.'  'This certification is more widely recognized.'  Yada yada.  I dec...
I'm not talking about the nation's economy.  We know that's in trouble.  I'm talking about your personal economy.  And I don't mean your net worth. I was reading a news article this morning.  The headline reads: 'California running out of money.'  It goes on to say: "... if legislators don't pass...
One of the things that I stress when making a confirmation call to the borrower is that, I do not work for the lender or title company -- that I am a notary signing agent. This is very important, because when I come to their home, or wherever they will be signing their loan documents, I am usuall...

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