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 Federal regulators are pursuing claims against two real estate groups in Michigan for not allowing discount brokers full access to their online multiple listing services! The action came after 5 other states allowed discount brokers full access to their online MLS. The FTC said, "the enforcement...
 From time to time, I like to refresh my memory of various topics or try to get answers to questions that I may have at the California Department of Real Estate website. While browsing through the website, I came across the Recovery Account, which is a "victim's fund." The account has been around...
I just realized that today is one of the best days of the year! That's right, Friday the 13. A day for us where no matter what happens, we get to watch Jason reruns on television at the end of the day with some popcorn and relive the 80's terrifying films! What's in a date? A lot! I think it's ju...
I'm constantly thinking of new ways to do great things within the great community that I live in and at the same time, help to promote our business. I was thinking about it last night, and I use to have a blast going to chili or chowder cookoffs! So, I have made a personal decision to get an annu...
Ok, so I need to tell you a short story about Sheree Darner, a Realtor in Orange County that I have done business with. My fiance' purchased a condo with her going back over a year ago. Nik was so excited to see her first home that she asked Sheree if she could get the keys to the property early ...
 10' x 10' SmartRoom Shelter Package Sales Price:$4,499BIO- CHEMICAL and EMF RADIATION PROTECTION: Add$1,300.00 ON SITE INSTALLATION COST:Add$5,000 10' x 20' SmartRoom Shelter Package Sales Price:$4,999BIO-CHEMICAL and EMF RADIATION PROTECTION: Add$1,950 ON SITE INSTALLATION COST:Add$6,700  The S...
Keeping clear lines of communication open with everyone involved in a transaction can make all the difference with it going smoothly and successful or falling apart before your eyes. But when both Real Estate professionals and/or clients start monkeying around and not telling you the truth only t...
One of the highlights of la Catedral is the tomb of Christopher Columbus, that quintessential of entrepnreeurs who provided the vision and created, single-handedly, the catalyst for reconnecting two different streams of humanity and their respective cultures, and the bridging of Europe and the ne...
I know this is a Real Estate blog, but since today is a bank holiday and I can't seem to get much work done, I figured that I would make a tribute today to Christopher Columbus Day. I went backpacking in Europe a few years ago and I lived in Spain. Of all of the places that we visited in Europe, ...
So I was making my phone calls for the day and sending out my emails when I had this weird feeling. A feeling like no one wanted to talk to me for the day! I checked my email and sent myself one to make sure that my email was was...Then a friend called me up and wished me a Happy C...

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