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Burlington County, NJ Our local housing market has followed the expected downward trend this year.  Early predictions of recovery this year appear to be incorrect.  Many experts agree that the market has reached or is near the bottom.  However, there is no agreement when conditions will approve. ...
I have long contended that 90% of home buying decisions are made by women.  That woman is usually the wife, girlfriend, mother or mother-in-law or gal pal.  We guys try to act as if we are the rulers of our domain, but we all know the truth :).  While women are looking closely at the kitchen and ...
Allow Me To Digress for a moment. It recently came to my attention that in some states convicted felons are not allowed to vote.  Voting is a civil right and you forfeit certain rights, temporarily anyway, when convicted of a serious crime.  Some state disenfranchise convicted felons.  This means...
  Readers of my blog know that I absolutely LOVE food.  My time with the military and the Department of Defense allowed me a chance to travel extensively throughout the US and abroad.  Usually one of the first things I will do is make contact with a local and ask them what and where they eat.  A...
I learned (still learning) my craft the hard way.  Trial by fire.  I wish I had a mentor or someone who was there to give me the real poop.  Alas, it was not to be so.  I wanted to help those who come behind me by teaching some of the lessons that I learned the hard way.  You may want to start by...
Hello All, This past weekends was one of those weekends that I took off.  I mentioned in one of my prior posts that I do not work 24 hours a day  (http://activerain.com/blogsview/601325/Are-You-Available-24).  Saturday, I went the wedding of my first cousin Candace D. Pryor.  Candace married Mark...
This is a great recipe for grilled lobster from my blogging buddy Jennifer. Enjoy Okay, I am on vacation and I have received several comments asking why I am still bloging.  Trust me I am having a great time, walking, visiting places and spending time at the beach, however, getting on a computer...
If you are looking to get out of Burlington Township, a short 45 minute drive away is Boathouse Row.  Boat house row begins on Kelly Drive near the art museum.  There you will find the famous boathouses, a path for walking, biking or roller blading as well as benches which will allow a beautiful ...
This is my baby girl, Courtney As you can see, she is not a baby, but she will always be my baby.  You see every summer, she stays with me during the month of August.  We usually have a great time.  August is filled with school shopping, cooking, trips and hanging out doing nothing.  I love the t...
WHOA The other day I looked at my points and saw that I had cruised past 20,000 points.  I for one did not know how I would reach 20,000 points.  What would I blog about?  How would  I get points?  Will I be accepted on this new medium called active rain? I have to say its been a great journey.....

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