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Updates and information relating to mortgages, real estate, living and working in the Cool Springs, Franklin/Brentwood, Nashville, Middle Tennessee area.
When can I drop my Mortgage Insurance on my home in Franklin Tennessee? When can I drop my Mortgage Insurance on my home in Franklin Tennessee?  This is a question I hear frequently primarily due to the loss of the 80/20 or 100% purchase loan.  In today's market if you do not have 20% to put down...
A snowy brunch in Franklin, TN - J. Christopher's - Want to have brunch in Franklin, TN on a snowy  day?   Try J. Christopher's located at 600 Frazier Drive in Cool Springs, TN.  Normally on a Saturday you will find the tables full and the servers busy.  Yesterday was just the opposite.  Little t...
When a couple is splitting up the most valuable asset is the house.  How do they decide what to do?  Who is going to keep the house?  What is the value of the house?  Can they afford to refinance?  Can they sell the house?  Are there items they need to do to make my house salable?  Are there repa...
Just a recap.  I have spoken to several business partners recently still unclear on the details of the home buyer credit.  This information comes directly for the IRS.  Who can claim the credit? You purchased a main home located in the United States before May, 1st 2010. If you purchased you home...
New Measures Will Help FHA Better Manage Risk, While Maintaining Support for the Housing Market and Access for Underserved Communities.  FHA Announces Policy Changes to Address Risk and Strengthen Finances.  Interesting changes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  For more infro...


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