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What makes a green mover?  Many movers offer reusable boxes and recycled packing material,  they offset their emissions by planting trees, they run their trucks with cleaner biodiesel (instead of regular diesel), and they incorporate green features into their facilities. When it comes time to ch...
I love the art ideas everyone has been sharing recently for staging. Making your own art allows for great color coordinating and is inexpensive.  You inspired me to try the following:    Artist's canvas, inexpensive acrylic paints and a stencil did wonders.  I painted the canvas black first and l...
I've always been a trader at heart. From trading marbles and rocks, barbie doll clothes to books, the love for trading hasn't changed since I grew up. My most recent "trade" is for salon services. I am redesigning a small salon space in return for pedicure and manicure services. What fun! Not on...
This weekend in Central New York temperatures hit the 90's.  A/C is great for staying cool and so is a pool but here a few alternative suggestions to beat the heat in your home and save some $$. Cool colors will make your home feel cooler. White, gray, light green and light blue reflect the ligh...
I recently read an article written in the business section.  The link to the article is below if you'd like to read the full article. The synopsis is this: If a home owner hires a home stager directly and they are performing a service with the specific purpose of selling the home, ...
As a home stager I tell people staging is about making emotional connection points. A buyer needs to feel connected to a home in order to buy it. In a vacant home there are no emotional connection points.Everyone knows vacant homes are harder to sell. And some realtors and homeowners realize that...
When a professional home stager pairs with a real estate agent to market a home it can sometimes feel like a scene from an old detective movie. The Realtor is cast as the good cop, the Home Stager plays the bad cop and  the listed home is cast as the villain.While this is an exaggeration, some ag...
There are quite a few vacant homes out there that if staged, would sell faster and for more money. I am not talking about just furniture placement in the home either.  Staging involves the designer providing appropriate bedding, drapes, wall hangings, floor coverings, and accessorizing to give th...
One of the first recommendations home stagers and realtors alike give their clients is to "declutter, declutter, declutter!"  Then we keep our fingers crossed they do that. This is all well and good prior to putting the house on the market but what happens during the selling process when the sell...
Home staging is highlighting the details of your home through the use of proper lighting, scale and placement of furniture and accessories.  Redesign is using furniture and accessories you already have in your home but using them in a new way.  A good Home Stager can find the hidden treasures in ...

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