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BIG Changes Coming with TY 2009 Returns           Key Credits and Deductions to watch for in your business: Bonus Depreciation        The 50% first year bonus depreciation, a result of the 2008 Economic Stimulus Act, has been extended through December 31, 2009 and made retroactive to January 1, 2...
As if selling real estate wasn't hard enough, here come Mr. Bernake with more rules.  Under the new Truth in Lending rules that went into effect August 1st.  A buyer must have a chance to review, sign and return the GFE to the lender.  Most lenders are allowing seven days for this to happen.  Thu...
The State of Texas is now participating in the First Time Home Buyer tax credit program.  The qualified home buyer applies for an advance on the tax credit of up to 5% of the sales price or $7000 which ever is less.  A second lien is established at 0% interest.  The money is funded at closing and...
Today, FHA seems to be King in the housing market and I wanted to share with you today, a special loan that can help you sell more homes. The purpose of the blog is th give Agents the lending tools they need to allow prospective homeowners to take advantage of the tremendous buying opportunities ...


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