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4.    Motion Sensors - Lights left burning are a common waste of electricity. Try using a motion sensor switch for lights in laundry rooms, halls, and closets. These switches will turn off the lights minutes after anyone leaves the area.5.    Range Hoods (vent-a-hood) - Range hoods are a very imp...
1.    Radiant Barrier - Attics can reach temperatures of over 140 degrees in the summer. Your insulation is all you have to protect you from this heat migrating into the house and causing your air conditioning to run more than needed. This heat can also cause the deterioration or degrading of som...
I started the day a little earlier than usual today. My first appointment is usually at 9:30. I had to meet a buyer who is having a home built. He asked if I could be at the property at 8:00am. I was there early, but he did not get out of his meeting with the builder til after 9:00. My second app...
I inspected a townhouse today that had just been completed by the builder. The water service was off at the meter. I explained to the realtor that I do not turn services that have been turned off due to the liability. He turned on the water and one zone of sprinklers came on. I found the valve an...

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