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In these trying times we are reminded daily to wash our hands, not touch our face and stay at home. (although there are many that don't listen). This creates a great danger for those that only go out for essential items. Here is an important message that needs to be told:I know of someone who sto...
My past Active Rain family has been missed, but not forgotten.  My first blog was on Active Rain. I remember being apprehensive about doing a blog, but with everyone's support, it became a fun daily activity for a number of years. After joining in 2009, I wrote a few blogs here and there, but in ...
 Friends & Neighbors Real Estate Sponsored the 2018 Expo  This is the second consecutive year we have sponsored the Home and Outdoor Expo, which was located at the Indiana Event Center/RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana. The attendance again exceeded the previous year.Friends & Neighbors Real...
How do you make it through the Winter?Real Estate seems to be an up and down profession.  When I started out in Real Estate School in 2009, I was told that business died in the Winter months in this part of the country, with sub zero temperatures, snow and ice.  So, how do I get through those mon...
What I Like About My Job!I remember the different jobs I had throughout my life, most of which I loved.  Real Estate is a different world in itself. As a Police Radio Dispatcher, an in-house advertising illustrator and artist, we were restricted to certain days and hours we had to be there and ev...
Two favorite tools that help make me a success!Among the numerous tools we can access in this technology world, I can't ignore the two following systems that keep me on top of my Real Estate business.GPS SystemsRemember when our cars were filled with pieces of folded paper and thick books, where ...
A Great Meetup with Anna Banana in Indana!  ( Well, Sort of). To our surprise, we were able to meetup with Gary Banana, while he was on a busness trip in South Bend, Indiana. Since Anna was included in much of the conversation, it was as if she was there to share a pleasant evening at the Studeba...
A Painting  - The Morris Performing Arts Center, "Before and After".South Bend, IN As an artist, I am always looking at things differently than most. I have painted several nostalgic businesses around the country.  This is The Morris Performing Arts Center, located in downtown South Bend, Indiana...
Ringing and Singing with Gayle Rich-BoxmanFishhawk Lake REALTOR® It's fun and exciting to learn from each other on Active Rain.  In this contest by Debbie Reynolds , Ringing and Singing, we also get to learn about each other. With the large amount of AR members, sometimes it takes years to meet s...
Forecasting the World in 2017......  My Predictions!(January Contest)                                       Photo from Pixabay.comPraful Thakkar sure is testing our skills with his January Contest.  To me, it's more like a "Challenge". This is my first attempt at reading the crystal ball, so don'...

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